What best in show pet resort is doing for your pets?

Dogs are the friends of humans. They are very loving, caring and always been a part of humans’ life. There are number of day care centers available for the dogs. The best in show pet resort have got everything for the pets. Dogs love to stay with people over there. They are caring and helping for the pets. These resorts are not like typical kennel. They are just like pet owners who keep the pets with themselves. They love the pets staying with them.

There are number of people who need to drop their pets to some place where their care can be done in the best possible ways. The reason behind this is they have to travel somewhere or their job hours are tough. That is why it is the excellent and safe facility to be used for the pets. The best in show pet resorthave got everything for the pets like vets, boarding, play activities, etc.

The basic qualities of these centers are mentioned below:

  • The onsite veterinarian

You should not worry about the health of your pet because there are always vets available in these centers on emergency basis. They take care of the health of your dogs and pets. They will be as same as you left them with them.

  • They are safe and secure

The boarding is really safe and secure as compare to the other places. You can leave your dogs in the boarding without any kind of worries. They have got first hand experienced people who stay with your dog all the time. There is a 24 hours service available for your dogs with the best equipment. The staff is very caring. There are the pet care attendants that look after your pets all the day and night.

pet resort

  • They are professional

The team available in the best in show pet resort is very professional. The dogs are given care through the attendants only. They never allow any stranger to see and meet your pet. There is proper vet, cooking specialist always remain available. There are extended staff hours for the proper care of the pets.

  • Cleaning of the place

The cleanliness level of the resort is just like a hospital standard. Everything is so much clean there that you will be satisfied about the living place of your dog.

  • Proper meals

The meals of the dogs are served according to your wish and requirements. They have got experienced staff in cooking that makes the best dog food of every kind such as healthy diet recipes.

  • Social activities

The resort offers different types of social activities for the dogs. They will participate in various social activities when they live in such dog day care centers. These activities are done with proper monitoring and same sized dogs are chosen for them. There is also individual play time for the dogs.


There are puppy packages and many other types of facilities present in such resorts. You just need to call them and visit to board your loving pet over there. Rest will be handled by them.

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P3 Trade Show: Get A Chance To Shine In The Pet Industry

If you have just entered the pet industry or are thinking about joining it then this upcoming event is going to prove a great help for you. Coming to the town on 24th and 25th of August, P3 trade show is going to be held in Navy Pier, Grand Ave, Chicago in 2016.This pet expo is themed on a totally different objective as it will provide you with the chance to explore new business opportunities.

P3 is not only a pet expo but it is in fact a pet focused trade show with vast openings for the bright future. P3 is designed to provide a grand combo of business opportunity, learning and fun-filled moments for all its participants. P3 is a great pet event, held every year, to promote new talent in the pet industry. The event will be open from 10am to 5pm both days.

P3 trade show

This pet-focused trade show will introduce you to different pet accessories providing you with unique ideas for your business. The upcoming product spotlight for the year 2016 includes natural food & treats, USA based products, safety products with proper certification, interactive toys, etc. P3 is also going to promote the innovative ideas of newbies to the pet industry.

Pet show

If your company has entered this field less than two years ago then this is your biggest chance to let the world know about your product or idea, through paid sponsorship. Pre-time registrations for the Attendees are currently open. Anyone who gets to register before the 20th of December, 2015 will get a lucky chance to win two nights stay at the famous hotel and 1000 dollars credit.

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Colorful America Family Pet Expo arriving soon in California

If you have missed all the pet shows in the town then you are in for a treat because the America Family Pet Expo is going to arrive in California very soon. Scheduled for the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of April, this pet Expo will take place in the year 2016. Known as the world’s largest Pet Expo, you are definitely going to enjoy every second of your life in this show. The show hours of this pet show will be from 10 am to 6am on the 22nd and 23rd of the April while the show will be open for an extra hour on the 23rd of the April.

Entertaining pig race will also amaze you during the show

The greatest feature of this show is that people from all around the world will be participating in this show. Around 1000 different animal species will be shown in this Pet Expo. You will get the chance to interact with various amazing reptiles such as lizards, tarantulas and slithery snakes. You will be amazed to see the enhancing competitions of these reptiles during the show.

America Family Pet Expo









People will also get to know various animal species and reptiles

During the show you will also get the chance to see the adventurous activities of police dogs, how these dogs interact with police officers and what is the importance of police dogs in police force? The planning of Bird show, cat program and amazing dog event is so awesome that they are going to capture your hearts.

police dogs

Different discussions on Dog breeds will also take place during the Expo

Although no pets are allowed in the Pet Expo but the kids are definitely welcome. Different pet competitions will also be organized where kids would be required to participate along with the animals for instance the aquarium contest.  Do grab your tickets for this colorful event.

Family Pet Expo

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Top 10 Dogs With Hair Not Fur

Dogs with fur have dander, pet have pollens inside them which are known as dander. However dogs with hair instead of fur have a very low level of dander. People who have allergies from dogs can also keeps dogs that have hair because they are less allergic as compared to the dogs that have fur, all you have to do is keep the hair maintained and a regular trimming of the hair is needed. 10 dogs with hair not furare as follows:

  1. Poodles

Poodle is the best type of a non shedding dog, they have different sizes. The different sizes are known as toy, standard and miniature. Poodles are quite sensitive and shy, they have hair not fur and their hair doesn’t shed.

Poodles fur

  1. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu has another name also which is Chinese lion dog, it’s a small dog with friendly qualities and the best of all is that it has hair not fur.

Shih Tzu fur

  1. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire is a low shedding dog; people with allergies to dogs can also keep it because its hair does not shed. They have hair with a nice growth power, they grow back quickly.

Yorkshire Terrier fur body

  1. Maltese

Maltese is a white dog with hair; Maltese do not have any other hair color. Maltese loves gaming and playing with kids, these dogs are full of fun loving qualities and are friendly in nature.

Maltese with fur body

  1. Irish Water Spaniel

Irish water Spaniel is a large dog with a lot of hair, but they do not have hair on their tails. Irish water Spaniel is a breed of dog that requires trimming of the hair on monthly basis.

Irish Water Spaniel

  1. Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese water dog is extremely smart and quick to pick dog, these dogs also need trimming on regular basis as their hair have a very fast growing power. Portuguese dogs are very active that they should be engaged with something 24/7 else they can get upset.

Portuguese Water Dog fur body

  1. Havanese

The other name of Havenese is little dog from Havana, apart from being just like a decoration piece these dogs are too friendly and playful as well. Haveneses have a lot of colors in hair, which makes them lovely.

Havanese fur body

  1. Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Dandie is a breed of dog that has small legs; they are very sharp by mind and always notice changes very quickly. They have loving nature as they can do anything for their owners. They have white hair which makes them too attractive.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier fur body

  1. Pulli

Pulli is a dog that normally weights 20-30 lbs; Pulli dogs need a lot of training to keep them on line. They have weird hair that requires a lot of maintenance.

Pulli fur body

  1. Polish Lowland Sheepdog

These dogs are also known as PONs; they are not too small or neither too big, they are medium sized dogs. They only love to play with the family they live with, they are not too social.

Polish Lowland Sheepdog

Above are the breeds of 10 dogs with hair not fur.

Source: http://smartfamilypets.com/

Top 10 Short Haired Dog Breeds

Every pet requires special attention when it comes to the grooming; especially the dog breeds that have long hair, but there are also some breeds of dogs for those who love dogs but don’t have much time for their grooming. Given below is the list of the top 10 short haired dog breeds that don’t take much time when they are taken for the grooming:


  1. Beagle

This dog breed size can reach up to 15 inches and it gives great looks, many individuals love to take this breed as pet because of their short hair. The life span of a beagle is up to 16 years, so it is a good choice.

Beagle short hairs

  1. Boston Terrier

This pet belongs to the dog breed group that is non-sporting. The height of this breed dog varies and is not fixed; the weight can reach up to 25 pounds. The life span of this breed is not short as the owner can enjoy the company up to 13 years.

Boston Terrier short hairs

  1. Dachsbund

The height of this dog breed never reaches high like the other dog breeds; the maximum height is up to 6 inches. The time duration for which the pet lives can be up to 15 years.

Dachsbund short hair breed

  1. Bulldog

This dog breed is loved by a large number of dog lovers as it looks cute and this breed is from those that are non-sporting. A bulldog can live up to 11 years; the live span is less than many other dog breeds.

Bulldog short hairs

  1. Parson Russell Terrier

This breed is also liked by many and the height of the dog can reach up to 14 inches. The owner of the pet gets a lot of time to enjoy with the dog as this breed can live up to 14 years.

Parson Russell Terrier

  1. Manchester Terrier

The height can reach up to 16 inches same like the other dog breeds and the life span of the dog is 16 years which can be spend well with the dog if he/she doesn’t fall seriously ill due to any reason.

Manchester Terrier short haired dog

  1. Pug

This dog breed is cute in looks and the life span is up to 14 years, the pugs are loved to be adopted by the people.

Pug short haired dog

  1. Shiba Inu

The colors of this breed are eye-catching and the time duration for which the dogs of this breed can live is almost 16 years.

Shiba Inu short hairs

  1. Lancashire Heeler

The maximum height of this dog breed is 12 inches and the life span is up to 15 years which he/she can spend with the owner.

Lancashire Heeler short hair

  1. Italian Greyhound

Dogs of this breed looks different from the other dog breeds due to which they can be recognized easily, the maximum height is 15 inches and the life span is 15 years.

Italian Greyhound short hairs dog

All of the above mentioned top 10 short haired dog breeds are those which can be selected as a pet by those who don’t like to spend much time in doggie salon for the grooming.

Source: http://smartfamilypets.com/

How To Get A Bird Out Of Your House?

Birds are curious little creatures and sometimes they make their way to places they aren’t really expected in. While the tiny little buggers are cute little feather-balls to many, encountering them within the walls of a house can terrify many. There’s also the safety concerns that can make a person want to get rid of them so if you want to know how to get a bird out of your house and lead it back to nature’s arms, this article just might be your savior.

  • Don’t panic

It may seem like a hopeless or a terrifying situation but it’s really not that much of a big deal if the bird doesn’t directly pose a threat to you. Calm your nerves and think rationally, you’re strong and courageous and you can deal with this.

how to get a bird out of your house

  • What are you dealing with?

Try to have a good visual and have a good look at the kind of the bird that you’re dealing with. When you know the species or the family of the bird, it’s easier to contemplate the possible reactions of the bird to your actions. It would also help you decide whether you want to deal with it yourself or if you should call for professional help.

chase a bird

  • Don’t make the bird bite you

Try not to agitate or irritate the poor bird, it does not want to hurt you but you might make it react aggressively if it senses danger. Don’t create any loud sounds or swift movements that may scare it.

get a bird out of house

  • Hide and seek isn’t always fun

If vague attempts at making the bird fly away caused it to hide or go somewhere you did not expect it to, don’t force it to come out or try to hush it away. It is going to come out when it feels comfortable.

  • Pave the way

Confine the bird to the room you spot it in and figure out where it came from, close all the doors and windows that may lead in or out of the room except one. Keep the passage wide open.

bird out of home

  • Guide it toward light

Turn off all the lights in the room and make sure the place is as dark as possible so that the bird is attracted to the passage with light coming in from the outside. In general, most of the animals tend to move towards the light. There should only be one source of light so the bird doesn’t get confused.

how to get a bird out of house

  • Let patience be your friend

You can’t force anything on the bird, it does not understand English or any other language for that matter so try not to make things worse by forcing the bird to get out or it may attack in defense or cause damage to the surrounding things if they’re fragile. When the bird finds its way to the outside, it will ultimately fly back into the wilderness. It may take some time as the bird is in an environment foreign to him and may be hesitant to move.


If you find a bird in your house come of a really expensive or rare breed, you shouldn’t let it go, you can adopt it and start caring it. You can make a good use of it, e.g. you can sale it to the right person in a really handsome amount.

Source: http://smartfamilypets.com/

Top 10 Small Dog Breeds

Do you love dogs? If yes then, you must know that the adorable of all the dog breeds is small dogs and apart from being highly adorable they are the best companions as well. The dogs that are small in size are easy to care for, you can take them anywhere with you easily as they are not difficult to carry. Taking small dogs anywhere with you is fun, you can travel amazing places with the best companions of yours without any hassle. If you are a dog lover, then these are the best ones to be with you and given below is the list of top 10 small dog breeds:


Chihuahua is a Mexican dog, it is a lovely small creature that weighs only 4-6 lbs. Chihuahua is found in the ancient paintings of Mexico as well, but the history of this small and lovely dog is not fully understood yet.

Chihuahua dog breed


Maltese is a friendly small dog, the nature of Maltese is quite fun loving and it is best for the individuals who have allergies as the hair of Maltese do not shed. Maltese is all time dressed up dog as its hair is all set 24/7.

Maltese dog breed

3.Boston Terrier

Boston is known as the friendliest dog ever, the kids of the family enjoys the great bonding with this pet. Boston love to chew things especially the kids toys; so if you don’t want something to get destroyed by them, beware.

Boston Terrier dog breed

4.Skye Terrier

Skye is also a friendly dog, but never mistaken yourself by keeping them in front of cats as these dogs hate cats. Apart from cats, it is a great family pet and has a very fine look as well.

Skye Terrier dog breed


Pekingese is a faithful dog among all the breeds; they usually have a very aggressive nature, so if you have kids or pet cats then it is not suitable for you.

Pekingese dog breed

6.Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is a dog that is also known as a “mini Lion” and requires grooming on daily basis as well. The nature of this small creature is quite friendly and you can adopt it as a pet even if you have kids.

Shih Tzu dog breed

7.Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise is a white furry dog that is very friendly; he loves other children and animals as well. It is quite active, loves to play and if you are a lonely person, then you must have one for you as it is the best creature to make your life colorful.

Bichon Frise dog breed


Pugs have a great personality; although they look too angry, but they have loving nature. They have brownish skin, which makes them attractive and charismatic.

Pugs dog breed

9.Cavalier King Charles spaniel

Cavalier King Charles spaniel is the most adorable breed of dogs; they are cutest and are best for cuddling as they are too furry.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel


These dogs resemble lions; they usually do not weigh more than 4-8 lbs, but they have an excellent looking personality.

Pomeranian dog breed

These are the top 10 small dog breeds that are unbelievable lovely.

Source: http://smartfamilypets.com/

7 Unusual Pets To Have At Home

Pets can bring colors and love to our life. If you are leading a lonely life then by keeping a pet at home you will definitely feel hustle and bustle in your home. Pets can become a great motivation for any person getting fed up of his life. If you are not much of a cat n dog sort of person then you can also keep a different or unusual pet at home. These 7 unusual pets to have at home are going to provide you with a clear idea about which one will be suitable for you.

  1. Capybara

Most of the people love to keep a hamster or a guinea pig but this one is a little bit different. If you want to keep Capybara at home then you must keep this in mind that Capybara needs a lot of space to survive. You must only go for this pet if you have a vast pool or a separate room in your house. Capybaras are prohibited in some of the areas so if you are going for this pet then you must find out the rules and regulations in your area. With the total height of 4 feet and total weight of around just hundred pounds, this rodent is perfect for all those people who love to get interesting pet.

unusual pets to have at home

  1. Fennec Fox

Due its long, bat like ears, this fox will make an extremely adorable pet. Although most of the people are of the opinion that a fox won’t be a good option for a domestic pet but Fennec Fox is very different than a traditional fox. The average size of a Fennec fox is smaller than a cat. The Fennec fox is a very talented and smart animal so you can easily train it according to your requirements.

Fennec Fox

  1. Miniature Donkey

Furry and fluffy, miniature donkey is another adorable pet that you can have in your house if you have lots of green areas. Miniature donkey loves to graze around on the grass so it can only remain comfortable in houses with large grounds. If you think about adopting this animal then you must get a couple of miniature donkeys because a single miniature donkey will easily get bored and irritate you.

Micro miniature donkeys in Yea, Australia - 09 Jul 2013

  1. Hedgehog

Oh yes Hedgehogs don’t only exist in cartoons but you can also keep them as pets in real life. Keeping a hedgehog might seem like a little out of the way thing due to its thorny exterior but they really do make adorable pets. Once you get a hedgehog, you will be amazed at the friendly and calm features of these little creatures; you are definitely going to love the company of a hedgehog.


  1. Skunk

You might be shocked to hear this but yes skunks do make excellent pets. Although their smell is known to be the biggest issue but once you have removed their smell glands, they become totally harmless.


  1. Pygmy Goat

Pygmy goats also make really cute and loving pets. Although they seem very small, but they are extremely noisy so you won’t feel lonely with a Pygmy goat in your house.

Pygmy Goat

  1. Sugar Gliders

Extremely active, playful and loving, these little devils are the cutest things on earth.

Sugar Gliders

Despite their tiny size, they are really going to keep you on the feet due to their hyperactive nature.

Source: http://smartfamilypets.com/

Top Dog Breeds Rising In Popularity In USA

Everybody knows that Labrador retriever has been ranking at number one positions for the last few decades. There are many other dog breeds that have been making it to the top ten dog breeds for last few years. But the issue with ranking is that it keeps on changing with the passage of every year. The most reliable data about the rankings of dog breeds rising in popularity is released by the American Kennel club. Let’s see which of the dog breeds have increased in popularity according to the recent rankings.

  1. Australian Shepherd

From the 35th rank this dog has accelerated to the 20th position. According to the general public, Australian Shepherds are basically a loyal, sweet and friendly breed. When they are puppies, they tend to carry hyper behavior but the behavior gets calm and friendly as they grow up.

dog breeds rising in popularity

  1. Rhodesian ridgeback

From the 57th rank, Rhodesians have jumped to the amazing position of 39th. Bred to hunt lions, these dogs possess some of the most astounding qualities. Famous by the nick of “African Lion Hound”, these dogs are extremely alert and brave-hearted.

Rhodesian ridgeback

  1. Border Collie

Preferred by most of the farmers, Border collies are known to be extremely friendly and active dogs. These dogs are also famous due to their beautiful coat. Used for the herding purposes, this dog breed has jumped to the rank of 44th from the 63rd.

Border Collie

  1. Bernese mountain dog

Extremely good looking and well-behaved, this dog breed has jumped to 32nd rank from 51st position. Although, occasionally these dogs do display aggressive behavior but most of the times this dog breed is very friendly.

Bernese mountain dog

  1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The cutest dog breed on earth, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are known to be loving and playful. From the 40th rank, these little guys have jumped to the 18th position.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

  1. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Possessing quite huge size, this dog breed has jumped to the 74th rank from its 97th position. Despite its large size and ferocious looks, this dog is extremely nice-natured and friendly.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

  1. Portuguese water dog

Jumping from the 73rd position to the 49th rank, this dog looks really cool in its curly, black furry coat. Portuguese Water Dogs love to swim and indulge in outdoor activities. They also tend to show great affection towards their owners.

Portuguese water dog

  1. Bull terrier

Jumping from the 79th to 52nd position, Bull Terrier is the most loyal and friendly dog on earth. This dog is perfect for people with busy routine and small accommodation.

Bull terrier

  1. Belgian Malinois

Making an improvement to the 60th position from the 90th position, this dog breed is very intelligent and highly responsive. This dog loves to wander around during the day so if you possess a home with vast land area then this dog breed is perfect for you.

Belgian Malinois

  1. Anatolian Shepherd

The Anatolian Shepherds have jumped to the amazing rank of 93rd after making an improvement from the 126th position. These dogs are talented, intelligent, active, highly responsive and possess an independent nature.

Anatolian Shepherd

If you love to lead an independent life then this dog breed is definitely going to suit your lifestyle.

Source: http://smartfamilypets.com/

Organic Bird Food: Importance, Precautions & Care

Organic bird food is the type of food which is prepared with the minimum use of artificial means of producing the food items. Organic food is commonly prepared in the most natural ways and least use of artificial product is done with them. Organic food production act specifies the way of producing the organic food. It allows the use of natural products but restricts the use of pesticides and sludge for the preparation of organic food.

There is no kind of ionizing radiation done with the organic food whereas the use of bioengineering is done in the most compromising ways where the minimum use of allowed in case of necessity while growing and preparing the organic food material. The absences of preservatives make it the most fragile kind of food which needs utmost care, importance and handling in keeping it at stores and homes.


The importance of organic bird food cannot be denied in the today’s world where everything is being prepared and provided by artificial means and methods. The use of organic food for bird has made it possible for the owners to provide the nature, free of preservatives and more nutritious food to their pets. It also helps in providing the fresh and natural kind of food to the birds which always get attracted towards the natural food and natural environment. The availability of organic bird food has helped people to rely more at the natural and free of artificial flavors, preservatives and other such kind of food items which make it possible for the pets to feed at the healthier and energy rich food items. However, there should be a great deal of care regarding the preparation, handling and feeding of the birds at organic food.

Organic bird food

Care regarding organic food:

There should be an intentional care while preparing and keeping the organic bird food because the absences of preservatives make it more prone for germs, infections and other different kinds of problems. The organic pellets which are full of organic food should be kept in the temperature which resists the growth of germs. However, many times the organic food contains certain kind of food items which are allergic to some specific kind of pet birds. So, the owner must read out the label carefully in order to avoid any kind of illness of the pet birds.

Precautions for food:

The organic bird food is prepared and packed in the most natural ways. So, the food which is taken out of the organic food pellet must be given to the birds instantly and the left out portion of the food must be discarded shortly after the birds have finished eating the food items. The food dishes must be free of any other material like food remnants, water and other things prior to putting the organic bird food in them as the mixing of the other food can intensely reduce the freshness and nutrition of the organic food. Therefore, precautionary measures should be adopted prior to giving the organic food to pet birds.

Source: http://smartfamilypets.com/