10 Things You Can Learn From Your Dog

Humans are known as the most knowledgeable and most civilized species on earth. On the other hand, people think that animals don’t possess the enough sense to behave in a civilized way. However, if we observe a little closely then there are many ethical traits that are common inside the animals but are not found among human beings. In this article, you are going to know about the 10 things you can learn from your dog just by observing his day-to-day activities.

  1. Lovingly greet the loved one who comes home after a long, tiring day!

The very first thing that we can learn from a dog is to happily greet the people that arrive at your house. Whether it’s a family member coming home after a long day or a guest arriving at your place, showing courtesy towards them is going to improve your impression.

learning from your dog

  1. Try not to bite the other dog if you can scare him with your growl!

If an issue can be resolved by talking with each other then there is no need for you to fall into a fight. This lesson taught by the dogs is very important with respect to our behavior towards the society. If we have an issue with any person then we must resolve it by conveying our concerns in a decent manner instead of starting a fight with that person.

dog meeting each other

  1. Never miss the chance to enjoy an entertaining trip!

Yup dogs love to go on trips! This lesson teaches us to never miss out on the chance to enjoy the life because life is short and situation never remains the same forever.

dog on picnic

  1. Comfort the one who is having a bad day!

If any friend, relative, family member or acquaintance is passing through a bad time then you must be there to offer comfort and your help to that person.

dog shake sadness

  1. When you feel happy, just show it to the world!

Well this one needs no explanation.

happy with dog

  1. Never pretend!

This one is a golden lesson for leading a successful life in this complicated and challenging world. If you try to pretend to be someone else then you will definitely fail. So it’s best to be natural.

dog pretending

  1. Play and run energetically!

This lesson can be taken in to two senses. First is to live the life to its fullest and second is to take care of your health.

dog playing

  1. Dig deeper, if you want to reach the thing buried underneath the ground!

Another great lesson and a quite motivational one! If you want to reach your goal or want to acquire something in life then you must strive harder to get it.

dog digging

  1. Ask again if you are refused the first time!

This again is quite a motivational message. If you try for something and you fail in acquiring it then instead of giving up, try again.

dog trying hard

  1. Be loyal!

Be loyal to the height of loyalty towards your family, friends and your loved ones.

loyal dog

These 10 lessons provide us a great understanding of the methods that we should adopt in order lead a successful and peaceful life.

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How To Train 8 Month Old Puppy?

Little puppies are quite curious about different things and whenever they take a chance to know about things they get into a trouble; whenever you adopt a puppy or have some puppies from your own pet dog, you should start training them from their birth. For some people, training the puppies is not an important thing and some individuals want information of training the puppies as they consider it important. For turning the difficult task of training a puppy into an easy task, here are a few things that a puppy owner needs to know about how to train 8 month old puppy:

  • Set up a time schedule

To save yourself from the stress of all sorts, one must create a timetable for all the things of the puppy like there should be a fixed timetable for playing, eating, sleeping and potty. The puppy should have a fixed place for potty and whenever it’s the exact time, take them there as some dogs do it right after ten or fifteen minutes of playing or exercising.

time schedule for puppy

  • Training of bite inhibition

The curious nature of the puppies forces them to know about every little thing, they examine it with their mouth and sometimes they bite doing this. The best thing about puppies is that they don’t have enough jaw strength as an adult dog so when they bite, they do not cause enough damage. This is the best time to train your dog that how to examine things while not biting them. Feeding them with hands is the perfect way to train the puppies, so that they cannot adopt biting as their habit. To learn how to train 8 weeks old puppy is not a hard thing, all it takes is just a little attention and care.

puppy bite training

  • Keep your eight weeks old busy

A busy puppy is the best puppy as if you can’t keep your dog busy you may face serious issues, the reason is that puppies have a lot of energy from nature and they need to utilize it in any way. Plan a play time for your puppy; let your puppy play with other dogs and balls, so that they can use their energy in the best way.

keep puupy busy

  • Ability to hold urine

It is quite hard for the eight week old puppy to hold urine; they need to urinate after every 3 hours, so they require training for holding it until they reach the set place for their excretion. Fix a place and take them every time they have to urinate at the same place, so that they can go at their own as well when they need it.

puppy urine hold

The journey or you can say the task of bringing up a puppy is such a joy; there are a lot of golden moments that you have to enjoy when you are training the puppy simple things. Enjoy the golden time and remember you are not alone, your little pet is also enjoying with you too.

Source: http://smartfamilypets.com/