10 Reasons Golden Retrievers Are The Best Dog Breeds

If you thinking about adopting a different dog and haven’t made your decision yet then after reading these 10 reasons why golden retrievers are superior dogs, you are definitely going to adopt a golden retriever.

10 reasons that make golden retrievers superior

  1. Silent dogs

Yup Golden retriever is one of the silent dog breeds. Some people like to keep a dog that creates racket, but there are many people who like to enjoy the quite peace when they enter their home. Golden retrievers not only make great guard dogs but also they don’t bark much and are known as silent dogs.

Golden Retriever puppy

  1. Pleasers

Golden retrievers are quite loving towards their family and masters. They are always ready to please their masters at any time of the day. You must only go for the Golden retriever if you are a family person because Golden retrievers don’t like to live alone.

golden retrievers

  1. Stunning coats

The coats of Golden retrievers are extremely elegant and stunningly pretty. Available in rich golden shades, these coats can only be maintained if groomed on regular basis.

Stunning coats

  1. Easy Adaptability

If you are always on the constant move then a Golden retriever is the perfect dog for you due to its highly adaptable features. All it needs is a regular exercise and some playtime with its master.

Easy Adaptability

  1. Extremely well-mannered

Although training plays an important part in their behavior and manners but still Golden retrievers are very well mannered dogs. Whenever there are guests in the house, you will definitely feel pleased due to the good manners of your dog.

Extremely well-mannered

  1. Social

A Golden retriever is extremely social due to its friendly, loving and caring nature. Not only the Golden retrievers are friendly towards fellow animals but they are also friendly towards humans, they truly are family dogs.

golden retriver social

  1. Hardworking

They are extremely hard-working and are very loyal towards their responsibilities. Whether they are playing the role of guard dogs, hunters, blind’s guide; they fulfill their responsibilities with unshakable passion.

Extremely well-mannered

  1. Excellent hunters

Golden retrievers possess the history of being excellent hunters. Whether they are hunting for their living or playing a hunting game with their masters, they display undefeatable hunting skills.

golden retriever hunter

  1. Unbeatable strength

The Golden retrievers possess great strength, beating them during a wrestling is not an easy task. They also possess great love for food and have a big appetite. So if are thinking about adopting a Golden retriever then you must pre-think about the food expenditure. They also possess extremely strong smelling sense due to which they are the most preferred dogs for narcotic forces.

golden retriever power

  1. Love swimming

They love to stay under-water for a long time. Not only are they expert swimmers but due to their water- repellant coats they love to spend time in water.

golden retriever swim

During summers, Golden retrievers love to take a dip in the water on regular basis. As Golden retrievers are very friendly towards kids so they also love to play pool games with the kids during the summers.

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Top Dog Breeds That Get Lost the Most

Although it’s famous about cats that they can always find a way to their home but dogs, on the other hand, possess the history of getting lost. You might not be able to believe this but the pain of losing a dog can only be understood by the dog’s owners. Dogs can easily get lost that’s why they are tied with a leash whenever their owners take them out for a walk. If you are interested in adopting a dog then you must be well acquainted with the knowledge of dog breeds that get lost the most.

  • Australian Cattle Dog

Available in the amazing red and blue colors, this purebred is very famous for possessing energetic spirit, high responsiveness, loyalty and intelligence. Australian Cattle Dogs are very easy-to-train due to their talented minds and they love to indulge in physical activities.

Australian Cattle Dog

  • Rat Terrier

Available in six amazing colors, Rat terriers are known to be the most intelligent, loving, curious and friendly breed on earth. Rat terriers are extremely active, due to which they feel the need to indulge in outdoor activities throughout the day. Rat terriers are very talented due to which they can easily participate in every type of sport activity.

dog breeds that get lost the most

  • Rottweiler

Known by the nickname of Rottie, Rottweilers possess very strong physique. Due to their fearless nature, they possess excellent hunting skills. Originating from Germany, this dog breed is known to be very competent and nice-natured dog breed. Due to its friendly and compromising behavior, this dog breed is known to be the best companion for humans.


  • Boston Terrier

Although Boston terriers are known for their aggressive behavior still these dogs also possess some outstanding qualities. Available in three different colors, Boston terriers are very intelligent, active and full of energy. Boston terriers love to indulge in playful physical activities.

Boston Terrier

  • Miniature Schnauzer

An extremely talented dog breed, Miniature Schnauzer possesses the love for various physical activities. These dogs also like to participate in hunting besides tracking and command-following.

Miniature Schnauzer

  • Cocker Spaniel

Extremely loyal towards their families, Cocker spaniels are available in four different colors. These dogs also show a great interest in outdoor physical activities and require lots of exercise in order to lead an active life.

Cocker Spaniel

  • Miniature Pinscher

Famous by the nick of Min Pin, Miniature Pinscher loves to participate in the activities of hunting objects, retrieving thrown objects, and command-following. These dogs are very independent and possess high level energy due to which they need to be indulged in outdoor activities during the day.

Miniature Pinscher

  • Maltese

Being a purebred, Maltese is the most loving, caring, active, and cheerful dog ever. This dog also requires lots of exercise in order to remain fit.

Maltese breed

  • Border Collie

Originating in UK and Ireland, this dog is extremely alert, intelligent, loyal, and highly responsive. Available in five stunning colors, this dog breed is also famous for its active nature and high quality hunting skills.

Border Collie breed

Not only this dog breed is perfect for guarding purposes but it has also set records in the field of narcotics detection.

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Top 8 Dog Breeds Are Losing Their Popularity

There are some of the dog breeds that have always maintained their top ranks in the hearts of American people but there are also a few breeds that are losing their popularity. Most of the Americans love to adopt a German shepherd or Labrador retriever because these dog breeds possess some amazing qualities. On the other hand, some of the dog breeds proved to be problematic for their masters. These dog breeds are losing their popularity due to various issues. It’s better to take a look at them and brace yourself for the issues attached with them if you are planning on adopting anyone of them.

  • Saluki

This dog breed has lost its rank by the difference of almost 20 positions since 2002. Commonly known by the name of Persian Greyhound, this dog basically belongs to Middle Eastern countries. This dog breed is famous for its fastidious speed.

breeds are losing their popularity

  • Italian Greyhound

These dogs are not strong enough to bear the harshness of freezing weather. Although their name suggests that they are from Italy but in fact they belong to Turkey. These dogs need physical activities on daily basis in order to lead a normal life.

Italian Greyhound

  • Komondor

This mop-looking dog was very famous due to its look and extremely friendly behavior. But since 2002, it has lost its popularity by the difference of almost 21 points. Due to its white, ropy coat nobody can tell the difference if a Komondor is hiding amongst the flock of sheep. Komondor possesses independent but aggressive nature.

Komondor breed

  • American Staffordshire Terrier

Available in four different colors, American Staffordshire terrier is known to be an intelligent dog breed. This dog loves to participate in various playful activities such as weight pulling and retrieving objects. This breed has also lost popularity since 2002 with the difference of 21 positions.

American Staffordshire Terrier

  • Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Due to the fact the very few people know about this dog breed, this dog breed is losing popularity on the list of most wanted dogs. Although Dandies are losing popularity, still their owners praise them due to their loving, friendly, loyal and intelligent personality.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

  • Pharaoh Hound

One of the most ancient breeds on earth, Pharaoh hound has been existing on this planet since 2000 years. Despite its significance as an ancient dog, it has lost its popularity by almost 23 points since 2002.

Pharaoh Hound

  • Manchester Terrier

Despite its loyal and quiet nature, this dog has also been losing its popularity since 2002 and has fallen down to the position of 130 from 107th rank. Most of the people might have an issue with the black coat of this dog otherwise this dog is a bundle of unique qualities. This dog is a born hunter.

Manchester Terrier

  • Wire Fox Hunter

Courageous and intelligent, this dog breed has won 14 titles for being best in show still it is losing its popularity.

Wire Fox Hunter

Since 2002, this dog breed has fallen to the rank of 93 from the 70th rank.

Source: http://smartfamilypets.com/

Top 5 Chow Chow Temperament Qualities

Chow chow dogs are quite intimidating due to their wrinkled face, scowling, lion-like ruff, appearance. Chows are the difficult breeds of all to manage and train, as they require special care and attention but most important patience of the owner. They are intolerable towards physical punishment and cannot stand being forced by someone. They are a strong willed breed but have an introvert personality. Because of their deep set eyes they have limited vision, so always approach them from the front. Some major chow chow temperament qualities are discussed below to easily recognize them.

  • Behavioral qualities

Chows are excessively endangered by other animals and may even indulge in a fight on meeting one. They must not be left alone with children as they are not a reliable animal and may react harshly if teased or irritated. If you treat them with affection and true attention they tend to be one of the loyalist and respectful dogs. They need to be trained in their early age or else they tend to be very dangerous and aggressive in adulthood.

chow chow temperament

  • Cat like personality

In order to understand their temperament, think of a cat. Like a cat, chows have arrogant, proud nature. They are slow in making new friends and are indifferent towards people other than their friends. They are not very excited to please their owner and definitely don’t want strangers to command them. Though difficult to manage but are very clean and organized in the house. They are mostly quiet and non-destructive.

chow chow nature

  • Activity- Requirement

Every dog needs exercise to maintain his physical health, so does the chow. They are most energetic in winters while in summers they become irritable due to their thick coat. Walking in the park twice a week, meets up the requirement. While going on a walk never let him off leash as they can be violent towards other dogs and strangers. They thrive equally in the city, suburbs or on farms as they get to protect and watch the flocks and herds.

chow chow health

  • Health issues

One of the biggest reasons for bad temperament is their deteriorating health. They are easily infected with eye or skin disease like skin melanoma, entropion, gastric cancer, juvenile cathartics and may behave violently towards others as a side effect of those diseases.

chow chow health tips

  • Trainability

To train a chow, one must be a skillful leader. The key to a progressive training is being calm, giving lots of treats and positive reinforcement. If they feel that you are not capable of being a master or get nervous in his presence, he may not even obey you. You need to be the alpha in order to train him well.

chow chow training

It is crucial that you make them socialize by going out and meeting new people every day so that they get out of their shell and be lively. Despite their violent behavior and rejection to authority, they turn out to be a loyal and obedient, if trained properly.

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Famous Chow Chow Dog Breeds Nowadays

Even President Calvin and his wife owned two chow chow dogs, a red “Timmy” and black one “Blackberry”. Sigmend freud, an Australian psychoanalyst chose the chow as his ultimate companion. A chow chow dog is still loved throughout the world for his nobleness of a lion, silliness of a panda and appeal of a bear. They were originated from china and used as hunting dogs. They come in variety of colors like cinnamon, red, black, etc. The most prominent physical feature is his purple black tongue.



It covers a wide range from mahogany red to golden red, with white shadings on the ruff, tail and breechings. Without the shading they are known as “Self- Reds”. Puppies are usually born with light brown color with black mask, which eventually fades away in maturity. His hair becomes thicker and lighter as he gets older. His eyes should be deep dark and nose pure black without a hint of pink.

red chow chow


They are born black and their color tends to be bleached if exposed to excessive sunlight, leaving them with a red cast that is not quite attractive.  This effect is known as rusting and a chocolaty chow is actually considered as a rusty black.

black chow dog


They have silver shadings and vary from dark blue to steel gray color. Snout and legs have white and black mixture of hair that gives them a frosty look. Blue chows’ nose is slate colored.

blue chow chow


Its nearly white but can be considered as a butterscotch color. From birth they have pale color and tan legs and ears. They do not have a dark mask. They usually are disqualified in pet shows due to their brown nose.

cream chow


It’s the most misunderstood and difficult color to describe. It does not clearly appear in the photographs so it is hard to be recognized. Its name is misunderstood as spice but in England the actual meaning of cinnamon is “fawn”. It varies from beige gray pinkish cast and to darker shades but not red. Like blue they have “pepper and salt “mixture of dark and light hair, and frosted look. They are also born with beautiful silver shade leading the people to believe its blue colored. The silver shade usually disappears within the third week of their birth. They usually have grey mask that also fades as they grow old.

Cinnamon chow

Their temperament, health and behavior are independent of the colors. It’s just a matter of liking. Some inexperienced breeders may consider that some colors are more valuable than the others but it’s nothing like that. They all tend to have a calm and quiet personality and sturdily posture. They can be trained properly to live in a household and considered as a lovely companion of both kids and adults.

Source: http://smartfamilypets.com/


Top 10 Long Haired Dog Breeds

Long haired dog breeds looks great, but the only thing which need to be considered when buying a long haired dog is that they require grooming after regular intervals of time. Some people love to get a long haired dog as a pet, but those are the individuals who can manage time for taking their pet for grooming. Here is the list of Top 10 long haired dog breeds which are loved by the pet lovers:

  1. Afghan hound

This breed has long and silky hair all over the body which makes them look beautiful and this breed is loved by those who like to make the dogs a member of their family by adopting them.

Afghan hound

  1. Yorkshire terrier

This breed is known all over the world as the brave and the energetic, the silky hair on the whole body makes them look great and different from the other dog breeds.

Yorkshire terrier

  1. Komondor

The fur on the body of this breed is too much even it covers the eyes; the dog is preferred by the individuals who also have sheep because this breed is known as the best when it comes to the protection of the sheep.

Komondor dog breed

  1. Havanese

The dogs of this breed have long hair, but some of them have straight while the others have curly hair and the individuals are free to choose the one which they like.

Havanese long haired breed

  1. Poodle

The poodle looks nice in every color in which it is available which includes grey, white and black. The dogs of this breed are friendly and sensitive in nature, other than that they can be trained easily.

Poodle long haired breed

  1. Bernese mountain dog

The hair all over the body with three colors including black, brown and white makes the Bernese Mountain dogs are one of the cutest looking breeds. The height of this breed can reach up to 28 inches and the life span is almost 6 years. The dogs of this breed require the full checkup by a veterinary doctor after specific period of time.

Bernese mountain dog

  1. Maltese

This breed is of white color and requires grooming often, the dogs of this breeds are known as the most playful dogs and is preferred by many dog lovers due to their cute looks.

Maltese long haired

  1. Shih Tzu

It is small in size, but looks cute that is the reason it is adopted by the pet lovers and the hairs on the body makes this breed distinct from the other dog breeds.

Shih Tzu long haired

  1. English Springer Spaniel

The dog breed is active and attentive, the long hair covers the whole body and the ears also have long hair which gives good looks to the dogs.

English Springer Spaniel

  1. Rough Collie

This dog breed is known as the most loyal and the dogs of this breed are gentle in nature due to which people prefer to adopt them.

Rough Collie

The only thing which requires special attention when a person has a long haired dog is the grooming otherwise there is nothing which makes it difficult for the owner to adopt a dog from one of the top 10 long haired dog breeds

Source: http://smartfamilypets.com/

Top 10 Dogs With Hair Not Fur

Dogs with fur have dander, pet have pollens inside them which are known as dander. However dogs with hair instead of fur have a very low level of dander. People who have allergies from dogs can also keeps dogs that have hair because they are less allergic as compared to the dogs that have fur, all you have to do is keep the hair maintained and a regular trimming of the hair is needed. 10 dogs with hair not furare as follows:

  1. Poodles

Poodle is the best type of a non shedding dog, they have different sizes. The different sizes are known as toy, standard and miniature. Poodles are quite sensitive and shy, they have hair not fur and their hair doesn’t shed.

Poodles fur

  1. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu has another name also which is Chinese lion dog, it’s a small dog with friendly qualities and the best of all is that it has hair not fur.

Shih Tzu fur

  1. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire is a low shedding dog; people with allergies to dogs can also keep it because its hair does not shed. They have hair with a nice growth power, they grow back quickly.

Yorkshire Terrier fur body

  1. Maltese

Maltese is a white dog with hair; Maltese do not have any other hair color. Maltese loves gaming and playing with kids, these dogs are full of fun loving qualities and are friendly in nature.

Maltese with fur body

  1. Irish Water Spaniel

Irish water Spaniel is a large dog with a lot of hair, but they do not have hair on their tails. Irish water Spaniel is a breed of dog that requires trimming of the hair on monthly basis.

Irish Water Spaniel

  1. Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese water dog is extremely smart and quick to pick dog, these dogs also need trimming on regular basis as their hair have a very fast growing power. Portuguese dogs are very active that they should be engaged with something 24/7 else they can get upset.

Portuguese Water Dog fur body

  1. Havanese

The other name of Havenese is little dog from Havana, apart from being just like a decoration piece these dogs are too friendly and playful as well. Haveneses have a lot of colors in hair, which makes them lovely.

Havanese fur body

  1. Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Dandie is a breed of dog that has small legs; they are very sharp by mind and always notice changes very quickly. They have loving nature as they can do anything for their owners. They have white hair which makes them too attractive.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier fur body

  1. Pulli

Pulli is a dog that normally weights 20-30 lbs; Pulli dogs need a lot of training to keep them on line. They have weird hair that requires a lot of maintenance.

Pulli fur body

  1. Polish Lowland Sheepdog

These dogs are also known as PONs; they are not too small or neither too big, they are medium sized dogs. They only love to play with the family they live with, they are not too social.

Polish Lowland Sheepdog

Above are the breeds of 10 dogs with hair not fur.

Source: http://smartfamilypets.com/

Top 10 Short Haired Dog Breeds

Every pet requires special attention when it comes to the grooming; especially the dog breeds that have long hair, but there are also some breeds of dogs for those who love dogs but don’t have much time for their grooming. Given below is the list of the top 10 short haired dog breeds that don’t take much time when they are taken for the grooming:


  1. Beagle

This dog breed size can reach up to 15 inches and it gives great looks, many individuals love to take this breed as pet because of their short hair. The life span of a beagle is up to 16 years, so it is a good choice.

Beagle short hairs

  1. Boston Terrier

This pet belongs to the dog breed group that is non-sporting. The height of this breed dog varies and is not fixed; the weight can reach up to 25 pounds. The life span of this breed is not short as the owner can enjoy the company up to 13 years.

Boston Terrier short hairs

  1. Dachsbund

The height of this dog breed never reaches high like the other dog breeds; the maximum height is up to 6 inches. The time duration for which the pet lives can be up to 15 years.

Dachsbund short hair breed

  1. Bulldog

This dog breed is loved by a large number of dog lovers as it looks cute and this breed is from those that are non-sporting. A bulldog can live up to 11 years; the live span is less than many other dog breeds.

Bulldog short hairs

  1. Parson Russell Terrier

This breed is also liked by many and the height of the dog can reach up to 14 inches. The owner of the pet gets a lot of time to enjoy with the dog as this breed can live up to 14 years.

Parson Russell Terrier

  1. Manchester Terrier

The height can reach up to 16 inches same like the other dog breeds and the life span of the dog is 16 years which can be spend well with the dog if he/she doesn’t fall seriously ill due to any reason.

Manchester Terrier short haired dog

  1. Pug

This dog breed is cute in looks and the life span is up to 14 years, the pugs are loved to be adopted by the people.

Pug short haired dog

  1. Shiba Inu

The colors of this breed are eye-catching and the time duration for which the dogs of this breed can live is almost 16 years.

Shiba Inu short hairs

  1. Lancashire Heeler

The maximum height of this dog breed is 12 inches and the life span is up to 15 years which he/she can spend with the owner.

Lancashire Heeler short hair

  1. Italian Greyhound

Dogs of this breed looks different from the other dog breeds due to which they can be recognized easily, the maximum height is 15 inches and the life span is 15 years.

Italian Greyhound short hairs dog

All of the above mentioned top 10 short haired dog breeds are those which can be selected as a pet by those who don’t like to spend much time in doggie salon for the grooming.

Source: http://smartfamilypets.com/

Top 10 Small Dog Breeds

Do you love dogs? If yes then, you must know that the adorable of all the dog breeds is small dogs and apart from being highly adorable they are the best companions as well. The dogs that are small in size are easy to care for, you can take them anywhere with you easily as they are not difficult to carry. Taking small dogs anywhere with you is fun, you can travel amazing places with the best companions of yours without any hassle. If you are a dog lover, then these are the best ones to be with you and given below is the list of top 10 small dog breeds:


Chihuahua is a Mexican dog, it is a lovely small creature that weighs only 4-6 lbs. Chihuahua is found in the ancient paintings of Mexico as well, but the history of this small and lovely dog is not fully understood yet.

Chihuahua dog breed


Maltese is a friendly small dog, the nature of Maltese is quite fun loving and it is best for the individuals who have allergies as the hair of Maltese do not shed. Maltese is all time dressed up dog as its hair is all set 24/7.

Maltese dog breed

3.Boston Terrier

Boston is known as the friendliest dog ever, the kids of the family enjoys the great bonding with this pet. Boston love to chew things especially the kids toys; so if you don’t want something to get destroyed by them, beware.

Boston Terrier dog breed

4.Skye Terrier

Skye is also a friendly dog, but never mistaken yourself by keeping them in front of cats as these dogs hate cats. Apart from cats, it is a great family pet and has a very fine look as well.

Skye Terrier dog breed


Pekingese is a faithful dog among all the breeds; they usually have a very aggressive nature, so if you have kids or pet cats then it is not suitable for you.

Pekingese dog breed

6.Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is a dog that is also known as a “mini Lion” and requires grooming on daily basis as well. The nature of this small creature is quite friendly and you can adopt it as a pet even if you have kids.

Shih Tzu dog breed

7.Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise is a white furry dog that is very friendly; he loves other children and animals as well. It is quite active, loves to play and if you are a lonely person, then you must have one for you as it is the best creature to make your life colorful.

Bichon Frise dog breed


Pugs have a great personality; although they look too angry, but they have loving nature. They have brownish skin, which makes them attractive and charismatic.

Pugs dog breed

9.Cavalier King Charles spaniel

Cavalier King Charles spaniel is the most adorable breed of dogs; they are cutest and are best for cuddling as they are too furry.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel


These dogs resemble lions; they usually do not weigh more than 4-8 lbs, but they have an excellent looking personality.

Pomeranian dog breed

These are the top 10 small dog breeds that are unbelievable lovely.

Source: http://smartfamilypets.com/

Top Dog Breeds Rising In Popularity In USA

Everybody knows that Labrador retriever has been ranking at number one positions for the last few decades. There are many other dog breeds that have been making it to the top ten dog breeds for last few years. But the issue with ranking is that it keeps on changing with the passage of every year. The most reliable data about the rankings of dog breeds rising in popularity is released by the American Kennel club. Let’s see which of the dog breeds have increased in popularity according to the recent rankings.

  1. Australian Shepherd

From the 35th rank this dog has accelerated to the 20th position. According to the general public, Australian Shepherds are basically a loyal, sweet and friendly breed. When they are puppies, they tend to carry hyper behavior but the behavior gets calm and friendly as they grow up.

dog breeds rising in popularity

  1. Rhodesian ridgeback

From the 57th rank, Rhodesians have jumped to the amazing position of 39th. Bred to hunt lions, these dogs possess some of the most astounding qualities. Famous by the nick of “African Lion Hound”, these dogs are extremely alert and brave-hearted.

Rhodesian ridgeback

  1. Border Collie

Preferred by most of the farmers, Border collies are known to be extremely friendly and active dogs. These dogs are also famous due to their beautiful coat. Used for the herding purposes, this dog breed has jumped to the rank of 44th from the 63rd.

Border Collie

  1. Bernese mountain dog

Extremely good looking and well-behaved, this dog breed has jumped to 32nd rank from 51st position. Although, occasionally these dogs do display aggressive behavior but most of the times this dog breed is very friendly.

Bernese mountain dog

  1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The cutest dog breed on earth, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are known to be loving and playful. From the 40th rank, these little guys have jumped to the 18th position.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

  1. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Possessing quite huge size, this dog breed has jumped to the 74th rank from its 97th position. Despite its large size and ferocious looks, this dog is extremely nice-natured and friendly.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

  1. Portuguese water dog

Jumping from the 73rd position to the 49th rank, this dog looks really cool in its curly, black furry coat. Portuguese Water Dogs love to swim and indulge in outdoor activities. They also tend to show great affection towards their owners.

Portuguese water dog

  1. Bull terrier

Jumping from the 79th to 52nd position, Bull Terrier is the most loyal and friendly dog on earth. This dog is perfect for people with busy routine and small accommodation.

Bull terrier

  1. Belgian Malinois

Making an improvement to the 60th position from the 90th position, this dog breed is very intelligent and highly responsive. This dog loves to wander around during the day so if you possess a home with vast land area then this dog breed is perfect for you.

Belgian Malinois

  1. Anatolian Shepherd

The Anatolian Shepherds have jumped to the amazing rank of 93rd after making an improvement from the 126th position. These dogs are talented, intelligent, active, highly responsive and possess an independent nature.

Anatolian Shepherd

If you love to lead an independent life then this dog breed is definitely going to suit your lifestyle.

Source: http://smartfamilypets.com/