Different Types of Bird Seeds For Different Birds

Birds eat different kinds of things however some typical kind of seeds are considered to be the main ingredient of their food. Some specific species remain alive at the intake of some typically specific bird seeds and it is very harmful to give other food items to such kinds of birds. It is very important to know about the different kinds of seed for the birds before giving them food to eat.

Commonly, we provide the mixture of seeds to the birds as the variety of seeds and food is important and essential for their health. The seed of the garden birds differ from that of the wild birds. Similarly, the bird seeds which we can give to hummingbirds cannot be suitable for the nightingale’s species. Therefore, it is good to learn the food for the birds before feeding them properly.

Types of bird seeds:

There are numerous kinds of bird seeds however we commonly provide some general types of seeds and their mixture to the birds at the cages, bird tables, gardens, parks and the bird houses. Following are some of the common types of seeds.

  • Nyjer seeds

These types of seeds are among the most common, healthy and easily available bird seeds. Nyjer seeds are highly rich in oil and fats. So, they are good for the birds which need more energy to fly high in the sky. Generally, goldfinches are fed with these types of seeds.

bird seeds

  • Sunflower seeds

Black sunflower seeds are recommended for the birds of almost every kind because they are best suitable for the health and diet of the birds. They are not only rich in energy and oil but also good for the fulfillment of the required heat energy for the birds. They are available in various shapes and forms and are most suitable in raw form for the birds.

Closeup of Sunflower Seeds

  • Millet seeds

Millet seeds are the best kind of seeds for the birds which need small sized seed for themselves. They are the small sized seed which are given to the garden birds like sparrows as well as the birds like gold finches, doves and other ones.

Millet seeds

  • Peanuts as seeds

Peanuts are also categorized as bird seeds. In their raw form peanuts are highly suitable and favorable for the different kinds of birds whereas in their refined form they are generally harmful for the various species of birds. Roasted peanuts should never be given to any kind of bird as bird seeds because they can cause different kinds of injuries and diseases to the birds. Crushed peanuts are very much good for sparrows, wood peckers and other birds.

Peanuts as seeds

Precautionary measures:

One of the main and important preventive measures to be taken while feeding the birds with the bird seeds is to take care of the weather conditions and climatic features. Many times the winter bird seeds are not good during the summer times. So, it is advised that the bird seeds may be checked and recommended by some expert for providing them suitable and healthy diet.

Wing clipping birds – Do’s and Don’ts

Keeping a bird at your home, especially a parrot or sparrow seems like a great experience as your house with be filled with chirping and tweeting of these birds. Most of the bird owners don’t believe in keeping their birds in a cage all day, instead they tend to reserve a corner of their house for their birds. But the issue is that even if you keep your birds in the cage, they can fly away anytime if they get the chance. The common solution is to clip your bird’s wings so that it won’t be able to reach the sky. Problem is that wing clipping is not an easy task, below are mentioned some of the wing clipping birds do’s and don’ts that are going to help you through the entire procedure.

Things to keep in mind before clipping wings:

The question that is mostly asked by new bird owners is that why the wing clipping is necessary? Most of the bird owners tend to avoid this procedure because it seems like a painful procedure. Even though the procedure seems very painful, the benefits of cutting the wings of your bird outweigh the painfulness of the procedure.

If you cut the wings of your bird then it will remain protected from many deadly evils for instance, your bird will not be able to fly to the hot brewing stew in the pot resting on the stove, your bird will not be able to bump into heated iron standing on the top of iron-stand, etc. Apart from the indoor dangers, your bird will also be protected from the outdoor dangers due to the fact that it won’t be able to fly out of the house through the windows, doors or roof holes.

Handling a bird after clipping the wings becomes easier task as you won’t have to run after your bird all the time. You will find it easy to train your bird as it will remain within your range. Apart from all the benefits, you also need to keep in mind that a bird after losing his wings becomes defenseless as it won’t be able to fly away from any dangerous animal such as cat. So, you need to remain alert for your bird’s safety.

wing clipping birds

Dos and Don’ts of wing clipping:

If you are on for wing clipping then you need to follow certain steps:

  • If you are a newbie then its best to seek the practical advice from avian vet or a bird expert.
  • Holding a bird perfectly is the main key to cutting the wings painlessly. Try not to suppress the bird’s chest otherwise you will suffocate it.
  • The best position for your bird to settle during the cutting procedure is to rest on the back. So, if you have grabbed the scissors then rest your birdie on its back and hold the birds head with both of your fingers on each side of the head.
  • Allow the other person to cut the wings, cut long wings at the start and then simultaneously go for the smaller ones.

How much do you want your bird to fly depends on you. If you don’t like it to fly then cut down all seven long feathers, but if you want to allow it to take brief flights then cut down only 3 to 4 feathers and leave the remaining feathers.

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Tips On How To Choose A Pet Bird

Birds are really lovable creatures. They are cute, they hold a nice sound and they can become your friends too. It happens many times that a person who doesn’t know about the pet he wants to buy for himself that he is unable to decide how to go for it. How to choose a pet bird is a frequent question asked by these kinds of people who are totally unaware of choosing it. When a person who visits a pet store and doesn’t know anything about the birds as pets, he gets confused. A number of people don’t know about the types of pet birds, the living styles and environment, what food they eat and how expensive they are. For example, Macaws live about 100 years of life, it is a fact that many of us doesn’t know but it should be realized before you go for buying them.

Below mentioned things need to be kept in mind when you are about to buy a bird as a pet:

Do your research:

First of all, you need to do homework before buying the birds as your pet. Search about them on the internet. Birds have got a number of species and types. You need to learn about them. For example if you are thinking about buying parrots, search their types, their behavior and their food plans. You can also search about their prices so that the things can go under your choice and budget.

Select your finance:

Birds can be as expensive as 3000$ and may be cheaper than 20$. So, select a bird according to your affordability. You just don’t think that this is one time expense. They need maintenance for whole of their lives. That is why select a bird whose maintenance is affordable for you. You can also have an option for that pet bird insurance if you are comfortable maintaining his health.

pet bird

The size of the bird:

When you are buying a bird for your home as a pet, keep the size of your home and your bird in mind. Smaller birds are pretty and friendly. Similarly, the big birds are also friendly but they have got louder voices. They are more demanding and need more space. So, if you have an apartment as a home, smaller bird is a good choice for you. Similarly, the number of birds should also be decided before buying them as a pet. You should always keep in mind that how much number of birds you are able to feed and interact with.

The temperament and the behavior of the birds:

You should know about the birds’ temperament that is it able to come out and get socialized with you and your family or not. You want a bird who can be touched or not? The relation of your bird with you is very much important. You should decide this before going to the pet market.

The diet of the birds:

There are some birds that have different and specific types of diet. Lories are known for their beautiful colors. They have a diet of nectar, fruits and the pollen. Similarly, other birds have got other diet specifications. So, you need to know the bird feeding chart for all birds before you make any decision.

macaw pet bird

Getting an advice from your friends and relatives who have pet birds in their home can also help you a lot choosing and buying the pet bird in a better and effective way.

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Learn how to care for newborn birds?

Newly born baby birds seem like the most adorable creatures in the world. Like every other mother, mother bird tends to care too much for her little ones. But accidents do happen and accidently one of her baby can fall out of the nest. Many times we get the chance to see newly hatched baby birds screaming their lungs out in their nest but what if one of them accidently falls out of the nest right into our path. How to care for newborn birds seems like a very tough task to most of the people but by following few simple steps this mission can easily be fulfilled.

Types of newly hatched birds:

There are two types of birds that dwell upon the planet earth. First is the category of those birds that walk on the earth for instance chicken, duck or quail. The other category is of those birds that live in nests such as sparrow or owl. The babies of the first category of birds don’t need much care from their parents as they become self sufficient after a few hours of their birth. But the baby birds that are born in nests need constant care and attention until they get big enough to take care of themselves. The walking birds are known as precocial and nest dwelling birds are known as altricial.

If you have a baby bird in your hands and don’t know how to take care of it then at first you must determine the age of that baby bird because each age phase of the baby requires different care.

how to care for newborn birds

How to find out the age of baby bird?

The baby birds are usually born with egg tooth and if that egg tooth has disappeared then it means that the bird is three days old. If the baby is naked and reveals only pin feathers then it means that the baby bird is only one week old. When the baby bird turns more feathery and open’s its eyes then it means that the baby bird has turned the age of two weeks. Three week old babies are completely covered in feathers and are jumping around inside the nest. Four to six week old birds will be flying out of the nest.

How to take proper care of baby birds?

  • The first issue is to find the appropriate place to keep the baby bird. A small sized shoe box or any plastic container is suitable to keep the baby bird. Next thing that you need to keep in mind is to keep the baby bird in a warm place so it won’t get ill. Now, you need to create a nest inside that box with old socks, sweat shirts and pieces of some thick clothes.
  • Next thing to do is to bring the temperature of the area to around 100 degrees because baby birds are very delicate and can only survive in high temperature.

birds care

  • Always keep in mind to warm up the baby bird before feeding it, don’t ever try to feed a cold baby bird.
  • In order to feed the bird you must get some birds food from the market otherwise you can also use some cat or dog dried feed. Before giving the feed you must soak it in the water for few minutes. Break it into small pieces when it gets tender and feed with the help of tweezers. Don’t give water to baby bird.

By following the above mentioned simple steps you can easily feed the baby bird. Remember to feed the baby in little episodes after each hour so it won’t starve.

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How To Get A Bird Out Of Your House?

Birds are curious little creatures and sometimes they make their way to places they aren’t really expected in. While the tiny little buggers are cute little feather-balls to many, encountering them within the walls of a house can terrify many. There’s also the safety concerns that can make a person want to get rid of them so if you want to know how to get a bird out of your house and lead it back to nature’s arms, this article just might be your savior.

  • Don’t panic

It may seem like a hopeless or a terrifying situation but it’s really not that much of a big deal if the bird doesn’t directly pose a threat to you. Calm your nerves and think rationally, you’re strong and courageous and you can deal with this.

how to get a bird out of your house

  • What are you dealing with?

Try to have a good visual and have a good look at the kind of the bird that you’re dealing with. When you know the species or the family of the bird, it’s easier to contemplate the possible reactions of the bird to your actions. It would also help you decide whether you want to deal with it yourself or if you should call for professional help.

chase a bird

  • Don’t make the bird bite you

Try not to agitate or irritate the poor bird, it does not want to hurt you but you might make it react aggressively if it senses danger. Don’t create any loud sounds or swift movements that may scare it.

get a bird out of house

  • Hide and seek isn’t always fun

If vague attempts at making the bird fly away caused it to hide or go somewhere you did not expect it to, don’t force it to come out or try to hush it away. It is going to come out when it feels comfortable.

  • Pave the way

Confine the bird to the room you spot it in and figure out where it came from, close all the doors and windows that may lead in or out of the room except one. Keep the passage wide open.

bird out of home

  • Guide it toward light

Turn off all the lights in the room and make sure the place is as dark as possible so that the bird is attracted to the passage with light coming in from the outside. In general, most of the animals tend to move towards the light. There should only be one source of light so the bird doesn’t get confused.

how to get a bird out of house

  • Let patience be your friend

You can’t force anything on the bird, it does not understand English or any other language for that matter so try not to make things worse by forcing the bird to get out or it may attack in defense or cause damage to the surrounding things if they’re fragile. When the bird finds its way to the outside, it will ultimately fly back into the wilderness. It may take some time as the bird is in an environment foreign to him and may be hesitant to move.


If you find a bird in your house come of a really expensive or rare breed, you shouldn’t let it go, you can adopt it and start caring it. You can make a good use of it, e.g. you can sale it to the right person in a really handsome amount.

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Organic Bird Food: Importance, Precautions & Care

Organic bird food is the type of food which is prepared with the minimum use of artificial means of producing the food items. Organic food is commonly prepared in the most natural ways and least use of artificial product is done with them. Organic food production act specifies the way of producing the organic food. It allows the use of natural products but restricts the use of pesticides and sludge for the preparation of organic food.

There is no kind of ionizing radiation done with the organic food whereas the use of bioengineering is done in the most compromising ways where the minimum use of allowed in case of necessity while growing and preparing the organic food material. The absences of preservatives make it the most fragile kind of food which needs utmost care, importance and handling in keeping it at stores and homes.


The importance of organic bird food cannot be denied in the today’s world where everything is being prepared and provided by artificial means and methods. The use of organic food for bird has made it possible for the owners to provide the nature, free of preservatives and more nutritious food to their pets. It also helps in providing the fresh and natural kind of food to the birds which always get attracted towards the natural food and natural environment. The availability of organic bird food has helped people to rely more at the natural and free of artificial flavors, preservatives and other such kind of food items which make it possible for the pets to feed at the healthier and energy rich food items. However, there should be a great deal of care regarding the preparation, handling and feeding of the birds at organic food.

Organic bird food

Care regarding organic food:

There should be an intentional care while preparing and keeping the organic bird food because the absences of preservatives make it more prone for germs, infections and other different kinds of problems. The organic pellets which are full of organic food should be kept in the temperature which resists the growth of germs. However, many times the organic food contains certain kind of food items which are allergic to some specific kind of pet birds. So, the owner must read out the label carefully in order to avoid any kind of illness of the pet birds.

Precautions for food:

The organic bird food is prepared and packed in the most natural ways. So, the food which is taken out of the organic food pellet must be given to the birds instantly and the left out portion of the food must be discarded shortly after the birds have finished eating the food items. The food dishes must be free of any other material like food remnants, water and other things prior to putting the organic bird food in them as the mixing of the other food can intensely reduce the freshness and nutrition of the organic food. Therefore, precautionary measures should be adopted prior to giving the organic food to pet birds.

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Which Is The Best Wild Bird Seed? Comparison!

Wild birds don’t get attracted to the every type of seed found in the world rather they are attracted towards some specific kinds of seeds which occupy the place of the wild bird favorite seeds. However, generally rather than eating individual kind of food wild birds are attracted towards the scattered and mixture of seeds. Different kinds of wild bird seeds are available in the market which can be provided to those birds conveniently. This will also help to reduce the wastage of seed as the wild birds will feed only at the food towards which they are naturally attracted. Various kinds of wild bird seeds are as follows with their calories information.

  • Black Oil Seed

Black oil seeds are considered to be at the top among the best wild bird seeds in the world. These kinds of seeds are suitable for the wild birds as they require greater amount of energy than the domestic birds in order to survive in the wild environment. These are small in size and are quite favorable for the wild birds owing to high amount of energy that they contain. Their shells are fragile and provide ease to wild birds during opening of seeds. Protein is available in quite a large amount in black seeds oil whereas the amount of fat is also quite higher in them than any other wild bird seed.

Wild Bird Seed

  • Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are easily available for the wild birds and rich in fats and proteins which are potentially essential for the wild birds to bear the hardships of the wild environment. For flying higher and longer wild birds needs food rich in energy and fats so such flower seeds are quite good for them. They are normally a little bit larger than black seed oil so they are convenient in eating for the wild birds which are able to open them and eat them. Their shells are also stronger than other wild bird seeds.

Sunflower Seeds

  • Thistle Seeds

Thistle seed is also named as Nyjer seed, is best for the wild birds. These kind of seeds are rich in calories therefore able to provide required energy and heat to the wild birds. It is better to provide the refined and sterilized kind of thistle seeds to the wild birds as it can save them from getting injured, harmed or infectious.

Thistle Seeds

  • Millet

Millet is also considered to the best kind of seed and is easily available in the market. These are not only energy rich but also compose of the large portion of the seed mixtures for the wild birds in different parts of the world. There are various kinds of millet as red, orange, white, golden and a lot more. Wild birds are attracted towards various kinds of millets in the seed mixture. The shell of millet is neither too fragile nor too much hard for the birds to open it.


So, the wild birds can easily feed at such kind of seeds without doing much hard  work.

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Why And How To Use Hanging Bird Feeders?

Although there are various kinds of attractive and beautiful bird feeders available at affordable prices yet the purpose of all kinds of hanging bird feeders is the same. You can even prepare elegant bird feeders at your home. The bird feeders are available in variety of shapes for the different species of birds. Some birds require flat bottom and widened bird feeders whereas the other requires shallow or other kind of bird feeders. Some bird feeders contain different levels for feeding large quantity of birds and some are designed to feed the small birds only.

bird feeders

Besides the unlimited designs, shapes and formations of the hanging bird feeders the most feasible ones are those which provide maximum ease to the birds for getting food and water up to their fill.

Importance of hanging bird feeders:

Hanging bird feeders are considered important nowadays because they are the only and the most beneficial way of feeding the birds. Owing to the increasing globalization and cutting of woods and green plants in the world there are very rare opportunities for the birds to get the scattered seeds, insects or other different kinds of natural food products for them. Their search for food is sometimes not only prolonged to several hours but also futile many of the times as there is very less open, green land and fields left. So, the hanging bird feeders provide food in the hygienic and comfortable way for the birds. Birds do not have to wander at several places in search of food whereas for those people who love to invite chirping and singing beautiful birds in their gardens, backyards or other such places, bird feeders are a good source of gathering and feeding the birds.

Preventive measures regarding hanging bird feeders:

There are different kinds of precautions and careful steps that should be taken to provide safe place and healthy food to the birds with help of the hanging bird feeders.

  • Hygienic conditions

There should be intense care regarding the cleanliness of the bird feeders. The owner should regularly clean the feeders and provide purified water and seed mixture or other food at regular basis.

  • Position of bird feeders

The position of the hanging bird feeder should be selected with a great care as the feeder should neither be too high or too low for the birds to sit and feed at the food. The feeder should be placed at such a place where there is the minimum risk of swinging of the feeder by the air. It should also be placed at away from the places of noise, air pollution and out of the reach of children so that the food and birds can remain safe. Bird feeders should be hanged at places such as with trees, poles, in gardens or other such kind of pillars.

hanging bird feeders

  • Weather conditions

While putting the food, take care of the weather conditions and cover the hanging bird feeder with some object or plastic if there is rain so that the seed wastage can be minimized. In case of intense heat, you should provide shelter for convenience of birds.

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Top 10 Exotic Birds

Birds are an eye-catching creature, they look too pretty no matter they are colorful or not. Some of the birds display wonderful colors to the human eyes which makes them one of the prettiest creatures on the earth. Here is the list of top 10 exotic birds.

  1. Gold and blue macaw

The other name of gold and blue macaw is blue and yellow macaw as well, this is an amazing bird that has blue upper parts and the inner parts are yellow.

Gold and blue macaw

  1. Rainbow lorikeet

The most attractive part of this bird “rainbow lorikeet” is its beak as the beak is of red color which attracts the eyes too much. It has a lot of bright colors in it and the best thing about it is it’s not too small neither too big, it is medium sized bird.

Rainbow lorikeet

  1. Peacock

The other name of peacock is peafowl, peacocks are quite colorful and they are too large in size. It has different hue colors that make this bird unique amongst all the other birds. Peacock word is used for the male birds, the female gender is known as peahens.


  1. Sun Conure

Sun Conure is a medium sized bird that is also known as “Sun Parakeet”. Sun Conure birds are playful and intelligent naturally; they can talk also if they are trained to do this. They have limited skills of talking, but still they are friendly and amazing birds.

Sun Conure

  1. Red macaw

Red Macaw is a large South American parrot which has amazing colors; Red macaw is also known as scarlet macaw. Scarlet macaw have three colors, red, yellow and blue, all the colors are really nice and beautiful.

Red macaw

  1. Golden pheasant

Chinese peasant is the other name of this bird, it is mostly found in mountainous areas. The usual length of golden pheasant (male) is 90-105 cm long; the length of the female is different from the male specie. The most displayed color is deep orange in the golden pheasant.

Golden pheasant

  1. Quetzal

Quetzal belongs to the trogon family of the birds, quetzals have a strange nature that these birds keep flying always and they attack if they feel something fishy. These birds are usually found in woodlands and forests.


  1. Toucan

Ramphastidae is the family to which Toucan’s belongs; they have bright colors in them. At a single time, they lay several eggs in their nest; normally the number of the eggs they lay is 20.


  1. Turaco

In the South African region, Turaco’s are known as louries. The Turaco bird has many bright colors in it; the bird is not too small or not too large, it is medium sized attention-grabbing bird.


  1. Mandarin duck

Mandarin duck is usually 65-75 meter long, it has a reddish beak and the colors of the feathers are white and grey. It is found in East Asia, but it resembles the wood duck of North America a lot.

Mandarin duck

Above mentioned are the exotic birds which look beautiful due to their colors.

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Top 10 Amazing Pictures Of Birds

The most fascinating part of the nature is birds; nature has gifted man with a lot of little creatures we can never thank for. There are more than a thousand species of birds in the world, all of them are different and pretty in their own way. Birds are the creature which makes the sky colorful and lovely as they wings are colored; here are amazing pictures of birds:

  1. Bohemian waxwing

It is a migratory bird; it has a grayish color with the combination of red head. Its combination is unique and beautiful among all the other birds. Bohemian waxwing is medium sized bird, Cedar waxwing is also the same, but the difference is that they lack reddish tone.

Bohemian waxwing