7 Unusual Pets To Have At Home

Pets can bring colors and love to our life. If you are leading a lonely life then by keeping a pet at home you will definitely feel hustle and bustle in your home. Pets can become a great motivation for any person getting fed up of his life. If you are not much of a cat n dog sort of person then you can also keep a different or unusual pet at home. These 7 unusual pets to have at home are going to provide you with a clear idea about which one will be suitable for you.

  1. Capybara

Most of the people love to keep a hamster or a guinea pig but this one is a little bit different. If you want to keep Capybara at home then you must keep this in mind that Capybara needs a lot of space to survive. You must only go for this pet if you have a vast pool or a separate room in your house. Capybaras are prohibited in some of the areas so if you are going for this pet then you must find out the rules and regulations in your area. With the total height of 4 feet and total weight of around just hundred pounds, this rodent is perfect for all those people who love to get interesting pet.

unusual pets to have at home

  1. Fennec Fox

Due its long, bat like ears, this fox will make an extremely adorable pet. Although most of the people are of the opinion that a fox won’t be a good option for a domestic pet but Fennec Fox is very different than a traditional fox. The average size of a Fennec fox is smaller than a cat. The Fennec fox is a very talented and smart animal so you can easily train it according to your requirements.

Fennec Fox

  1. Miniature Donkey

Furry and fluffy, miniature donkey is another adorable pet that you can have in your house if you have lots of green areas. Miniature donkey loves to graze around on the grass so it can only remain comfortable in houses with large grounds. If you think about adopting this animal then you must get a couple of miniature donkeys because a single miniature donkey will easily get bored and irritate you.

Micro miniature donkeys in Yea, Australia - 09 Jul 2013

  1. Hedgehog

Oh yes Hedgehogs don’t only exist in cartoons but you can also keep them as pets in real life. Keeping a hedgehog might seem like a little out of the way thing due to its thorny exterior but they really do make adorable pets. Once you get a hedgehog, you will be amazed at the friendly and calm features of these little creatures; you are definitely going to love the company of a hedgehog.


  1. Skunk

You might be shocked to hear this but yes skunks do make excellent pets. Although their smell is known to be the biggest issue but once you have removed their smell glands, they become totally harmless.


  1. Pygmy Goat

Pygmy goats also make really cute and loving pets. Although they seem very small, but they are extremely noisy so you won’t feel lonely with a Pygmy goat in your house.

Pygmy Goat

  1. Sugar Gliders

Extremely active, playful and loving, these little devils are the cutest things on earth.

Sugar Gliders

Despite their tiny size, they are really going to keep you on the feet due to their hyperactive nature.

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