5 Tips To Avoid Getting Over Charged By Your Vet

Most of the pet owners tend to fear the visit to the pet. The issue is that you cannot avoid these visits even if they are very expensive. But on the other hand, you can keep the billing to the minimum by applying a few strategies. Here are the five tips to avoid getting overcharged by your vet; you are definitely going to find them useful.


How Cat Food Analysis Will Keep Your Cat Healthy?

Like humans, cats also need a balanced diet containing all the essential nutrients. Most of the cat owners don’t have the clear idea regarding what to feed their cat and what nutrients must be present in their cat food. If you are feeding your cat with the readymade cat food then do keep in mind to read the nutritional elements present in the marketed cat food. The problem arises when you have to prepare cat food at home. Due to the recent rumors about allergies resulting from the use of marketed cat food, most of the cat owners prefer to feed their cats with the homemade cat food. In order to provide your cat with a healthy food you need to make a detailed cat food analysis that will help you in mustering up all the essential nutrients in the homemade cat food.

Cats are carnivores:

The biggest issue with the cats is that they crave for meat and chicken. If you will continuously feed your cat with meat then your cat will remain happy but the question is that will it also remain healthy by eating meat only. Proteins are essential for the health and wellbeing of your cat but proteins alone cannot fulfill the entire nutritional requirement of your cat. Cats, like humans need all sorts of nutrients in their diet.

Every nutrient is important:

While making cat food at home, you must keep in mind to add proteins in high amount. Proteins are necessary for your cat as by nature cats are a meat eating animal. They tend to grab all of their energy from meat containing food items. But it doesn’t mean that other nutrients are not necessary. You also need to add food ingredients containing vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and water.

cat food analysis

Detailed analysis:

You might be wondering that why do cats need all these nutrients in their diet. Well, below is mentioned the detailed analysis of why every nutrient is important.

  • Protein not only fulfills the chewing craving of cats but it also provides energy to their body. Research has also proved that proteins make cat’s heart function in a normal way and make it strong. Cats are night creatures and can easily see in the dark at night this is the reason they need lots of protein in their food. Proteins make their vision more powerful.
  • Fats are also an essential nutrient for the cat as fats enable the digestive system of cats to digest the vitamins from the food.
  • Vitamins and mineral are also important nutrients as they provide the cat’s body with the immunity to fight with the diseases and keep the internal system going in a normal way.
  • Like all the other beings, cats also need water in their regular diet. Although cats don’t like to swim in water but they definitely like to drink water. You must take a great care while providing your cat with the drinking as it should be clean of all germs and impurities.
  • Carbohydrates are also important as they provide energy to the cat’s body. But you must keep in mind to add carbohydrates in a very small amount.

cat food

If you are purchasing the cat food from market then you need to check for the presence of all nutritional elements as without them your cat will not remain healthy. You also need to check for the stamp of the food control authority on the readymade cat food because without it the cat food might be harmful for your cat.

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Homemade cat food is good or bad?

Cats seem like the most fun creatures on the earth. Cats have mysterious characteristics and friendly nature that’s why they are regarded as the most desirable pet. But keeping cat as a pet is not an easy task as cats are really moody and touchy about their lifestyles. Every cat owner wants to provide his cat with the best diet so most of the people try to go for readymade cat food that is available in the market.  On the other hand, there are also some people who tend to think that homemade cat food is best for their cats.

Scary rumors:

Although there have been some scary rumors floating in the air recently about the homemade food. Veterinary doctors are of the opinion that homemade food is harmful for the cats. They have mentioned many reasons in support of their theory, some of which are given below.

  • Homemade food for cat can never fulfill the standard nutritional requirements of your cat while on the other hand readymade food for cats contains all the nutritions in a balanced form.
  • Readymade cat food is hygienic while the homemade contains bacteria and other sort of germs that cannot be prevented how hard we try.
  • Your cat will never like homemade food.

Biggest problem:

Even after all the above mentioned scary rumors, most of the cat owners are going towards the homemade food these days. They think it is more nutritional and more satisfying for their cats. The only problem with the homemade food that is faced by most of the cat owners is that preparing cat food at home takes a lot of time and effort. But once you are done with it then you can store it and use it up to six months.

homemade cat food

Nutritional requirements of a cat:

Most of the cat owners while making the homemade food get confused about the nutritional requirements of their cats. You must bear it in mind that cat food recipes should only be made at home if you are well acquainted with all the nutritional requirements of your cat. Otherwise you can seriously harm the health of your cat.

If you are preparing homemade food for your cat then you need to add proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, water, amino acids and minerals in the meal. Most of the cat owners also get confused about adding carbohydrates in the cat food. Well, you must keep in mind that carbohydrates are not a mandatory nutrient for the cats but it can be added in the diet in order to keep the cat’s body warm and provide extra energy.

cat food

Raw food or cooked food?

Most of the cat owners like to experiment with their cat’s food so they can see the cat’s reaction to different food items. Most of the owners have provided their cats with cooked homemade food and raw homemade food and have reached the decision that raw cat food incurs best effects on the health of your cat. If your cat is suffering from any sort of digestive issue or any other sort of health issue then it’s better to feed her with raw food for a few days. You will feel definite improvement in her health.

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How To Choose Pet Reptiles For Sale?

Nowadays, people are trying to go for something unique. Every person wants to experiment with something different. Whether you are thinking about getting a new dress, new car or opting for changing your present look; every person wants to try something unique and different. Even people are making unique choices while adopting a pet for their home. Reptile adoption is the new thing in the market. If you are also going for reptile adoption then you might be searching for a perfect place where a vast range of reptiles for sale is available.

Where to look for pet reptiles?

Reptiles do make a good pet for people of all ages. But to care for reptiles you ought to possess the interest for these crawling creatures, otherwise you won’t be able to do justice to their living requirements. Although decent variety of reptiles is available on pet stores but if you are searching for a large number of pets then you can also get hundreds of different options in the reptile shops of your area. Reptile pet shows are also a great source of inspiration for all the reptile lovers. If you are searching for any particular type of reptile pet and are not sure about where to find it then do try to attend any upcoming reptile expo in your city; you will definitely get satisfying ideas. Searching online for reptiles is also a very good option.

Types of reptile pets:

Making a final choice while searching for reptile pet is a very hard task as thousands of confusing options for reptiles are available in the market including:

  • Lizards
  • Snakes
  • Tortoises
  • Newts
  • Turtles
  • Frogs
  • Crocodilians
  • Feeders
  • Scorpions

Things to consider before getting reptile pet:

Whether you are planning on adopting a reptile pet or any other pet, before making any final decision you need to keep a few important things in mind.

reptiles for sale

  • Are you able to provide the perfect breeding environment to the reptile that you are about to adopt? This issue is very serious because most of the pet owners are not educated enough to provide the required environment to their reptile pet due to which those reptiles are not able to survive.
  • Next you need to learn about the dietary requirements of the reptile pet you are thinking about adopting. You can get a complete diet chart from any experienced Herp veterinary doctor or you can also make an internet search for the details of reptile feeds.
  • You need to be strict about cleaning the breeding area of your reptile. Most of the reptiles don’t survive long enough because their owners are not able to clean their reptile’s residing corner. So, if you have brought home a reptile then you need to take great care of the cleanliness and temperature requirements of that reptile.

reptiles adoption

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind before going for any particular reptile is to make proper research about it. Most of the people don’t know a lot about reptiles and tend to adopt the wrong type of reptile, which proves very dangerous for the reptile. So, if you are having doubts then visit the nearest Herpetological society.

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What to know before buying reptiles online?

If you are about to buy a reptile online then we are surely going to help you. Buying reptiles online now is not a difficult task anymore. You can buy them by sitting at your home for sure. For this purpose, a detailed research on the internet is very important. Research about the reptile species you are looking to buy. Make sure that you have researched about all the basic aspects of having a reptile. It includes: feeding needs of reptiles, their environment, their food, etc. The temperature is also very important in this regard.

It is very necessary to remember that some reptiles can be very large in size and hence they are dangerous to be kept at home. It is not very uncommon that some reptiles use to live of almost 20 years.

There is another very important point which must be considered before buying any reptile online. This point is about the laws. If you are living in an area where some specific reptiles such as snakes are restricted, then you should not buy that reptile. Here, you have an option of buying those reptiles that are not restricted in your areas.

Make sure that you are ready to fulfill each and every need of the reptile you are going to buy online. These needs include: humidity, heat and enclosure’s size. Manage all these things before buying the reptile.

buying reptiles online

Health of the reptile is also of great concern. Make sure that your selected reptile for sale is totally healthy and fit. Some sites use fake pictures of reptiles and deliver what they don’t promise. So, be careful in this regard. If you find some poor health symptoms on your selected reptile then you should go for any other one. Here, we can give you a tip. If you have selected a reptile then observe his or her eyes. Eyes must be shinny and bright. Bright eyes are the symbol of healthy and fit reptiles. But if his eyes appear to be dull then that reptile is surely suffering with some health issues.

buy a reptile

Another point is regarding the birth of the reptile. Try to buy a reptile that is being birth or you can say hatched by a very well known breeder.

Do not go for only a single site. Visit multiple reputed sites and then compare all these sites’ ratings and reviews. If you find a site that offers money back guarantee then go for it. It is so because online shopping is always tagged with risks. Once you have bought anything, you are not able to return it if not satisfied. So, you should only consider those sites that offer money back guarantee on purchasing any reptile from them.

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Types of Amphibians On Land And Water

Amphibians are known those species that can live on both land and water. Amphibians go through a process of metamorphosis. They breathe not through their nose but through their skin. They are regarded as cold blooded animals and hence rely on sun heat in order to warm up their body. In cases when temperature is very high, amphibians use to hide. It is also believed that amphibians do not look like their parents at the time of their birth. As of , there are three main categories come under and these are:

  • Caecilians
  • Salamanders, mudpuppies and newts
  • Toads and frogs


These amphibians are known to have earthworm appearance. These amphibians use to hide under the ground most of the time. Because of this reason, these types of amphibians are very rare and there is a very little information about these. Longest specie of this type is recorded to be almost 5 feet in length. The average age of these amphibians is round about 13 years. These amphibians are also known to be without arms as well as legs. Their appearance is like worms and snakes. Their nose is pointed and their skull is very strong.


Salamanders, mudpuppies and newts:

These types of amphibians are also very common and are mostly present in the Unites States of America. These three types of amphibians are tagged with more than 400 species. Some salamanders use to live on land and some in water. Mudpuppies are basically salamander’s breed and they use to live on lake’s bottoms. Their length is approximately 16 inches. As of newts, they prefer living in forests and in moist environments. You can also see newts in parks and even in gardens. They use to live for at least 6 years and some people keep them as pets in their houses. Majority of salamanders are of lizard shape. They love to live at wet areas. They can easily re-grow their all lost limbs for sure. Newts are also among the types of salamander.


Toads and frogs:

According to a U.S survey, there are around four thousands species of toads and frogs. This group of amphibians is regarded as most studied category of amphibians. One can easily distinguish between a toad and a frog by throwing light on the characteristics of these two. For instance, frog is little bit slimmer as compared to a toad. Toad has smaller legs than the legs of frog. They also have a difference in terms of their skin. The skin of frog is very smooth. On the other hand, a toad has rough skin. These two amphibians are known well for the production of more than fifty thousand eggs in one time. Their life ranges between 20 to 30 years.

Toads and frogs

Goliath is known as the largest frog in this list. These frogs have almost 6 pound of weight. Frogs have bulging eyes and short body. They have very powerful as well as long legs. Common frog species include: poison dart and American bullfrog.

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Know the interesting facts about reptiles

Below mentioned are some very interesting facts about reptiles. Reading them will let you know the worth of their existence on the earth.

  • Reptiles are considered as among the longest lived species around the globe. For instance, large tortoises use to live for almost 150 years.
  • The majority of snakes are recorded to be as non-venomous.
  • According to a recent survey, bee sting is the cause of majority of Americans as compared to that of snake’s bite.
  • Some species of snakes can easily survive for more than a month without eating anything. Big constrictors are best examples of this type of reptiles.
  • It is believed that reptiles are not able to tolerate cold but this is not true in case of all reptiles. Some reptiles are able to swim under cold icy lakes. This very scene can easily be seen in the lakes of United States. Blanding turtles are among one of them.
  • Some reptiles use their tongue in order to capture particles of scent. Lizards as well as snakes are best example of this fact. These do not smell things with the help of their nose because they use their tongue for this purpose. They hunt food by doing the same.
  • Some reptiles eat eggs of other animals. African snakes are perfect example of this fact. These snakes eat whole eggs of other animals.
  • Skull of some reptiles such as snakes is not a single piece of bone. There are so many tiny bones that are intersected with each other to make the skull of these reptiles.
  • The majority of reptiles change their body color when they are in different background area. Chameleons are not among these reptiles. They do not change their body color.

interesting facts about reptiles

  • According to many people, reptiles are very slimy. This is not true at all. It is so because reptiles don’t possess any kind of sweat glands like human beings. They have very dry as well as cool skin. For instance, when a person touches a pet snake, then he or she knows that the snake is not slimy.
  • Keratin is present in the scales of some reptiles like snakes. This substance is also involved in the making of fingernails as well as hair of human beings. Some reptiles such as snakes use to shed their entire skin with the passage of time. The growth rate of this shedding of skin is faster in young snakes as compared to those snakes that are old.
  • Reticulated python is regarded as the longest snake present on the planet. It is more than 30 feet in length.
  • Among venomous snakes, king cobra is on the top in longest snakes list. Its maximum length is approximately 18 feet.
  • Reptiles are believed to be as oldest creature on the planet. Turtles are best example of it as they are present on earth for almost 250 million years.

Knowing these facts about reptiles not only tells you the worth of keeping these reptiles in your home but also boosts the knowledge if you are going to have them in the future.

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How To Build A Reptile Cage At Home?

Learning how to build a reptile cage on your own is not that much difficult. It can easily provide your reptile with a comfortable as well as safe home in a natural environment. Before building any cage, you must have an idea regarding the species of reptiles. It is so because different species have different cage needs.

  • Observe your reptile’s behavior

The most important step in this regard is about the behavior of your reptile. Observe his behavior minutely and notice the things in the best possible ways. In this way, you will know about the water as well as light needs of your reptile. The environment of the cage must be like the natural environment of the reptile. For instance, a tube cage will be perfect for a chameleon. Snakes, turtles and frogs need some water also in the tank. Putting some small insects will also be a perfect option as some reptiles eat them for sure. So, the environment of the case plays a very important role. You can set a proper environment in the cage only by observing the behavior of your reptile.

reptile enclosures

  • Selection of material

This point totally depends upon your budget. If you can easily spend money on the cage material then you can make a good cage for sure. Common material used for this purpose include: glass boxes, wood, plastic, acrylic, mesh or screen. You are supposed to buy some glass panels. Attach these panels together. You can also attach these panels with the help of plastic or wood frame. If you go for using plastic then it will be very helpful because these cases last very longer as compared to reptile glass cages. For walls, you can use glass, wire mesh or wood.

reptile enclosure

  • Size of reptile cage

Size in terms of cage matters a lot. It is very important to provide the reptile with enough space in the cage so that he could move freely in the cage. The space of six square feet is required for medium sized reptiles. On the other hand, large sized reptiles need space of almost eight square.

outdoor reptile enclosures

  • Cage ventilation

Ventilation of the cage is also of great concern. In this regard, there are so many options such as: pegboard, holes or wire mesh. Mesh and screen are needed for chameleons because they need airflow’s plenty. Make sure that you have fulfilled the needs of ventilation according to the type of reptile you are having.

best reptile enclosures

  • Construction of cage

After you have got all the required material, start the construction process. Attach all the walls of cage with the help of glue or wood. Cutouts should also be created for ventilation.  Construct a reliable door in the cage. There must be some latches or you can say hinges along with the frames of door. Make sure that door opens down or sideways. Place all the inside material in the cage such as: stones, grass, small plants, insects, water, etc. If you want some additional final touches then you can do that for sure.

reptiles enclosures for sale

This way, you can be done with making the reptile cage at home. Make sure design the cage in a way that it should not get broken after a couple of days or its joints should not get free soon.

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Benefits Of Using Cat Food Dispenser

One of the most popular technological devices which can facilitate your cat is the cat food dispenser. It is nowadays used rapidly by many of the pet owners to provide a comfortable way of feeding to the cats. There are different confusions and doubts about the gadget which you can feel before using it. However, it is beneficial enough to help your cat to get the proper feed.


Cat food dispensers are one of the most perfect and ideal technological devices for feeding the pet cats in the perfect ways. Some of the common benefits of these dispensers can be following:

  • Hygienic food items

Cat food dispensers are formulated in such ways that they are able to provide the hygienic food products to your beloved cat. Cats can get ill owing to the unhygienic and dirty food products. Many times they get their food mixed with the dirt particles by spreading it at the floor or at the ground. However, cat food dispenser can provide the hygienic food to the cats in the safe way.

cat food dispenser

  • Automatic feeding

Cat food dispenser can feed your cat in the automatic way. It releases the worry of the owner for providing the food to the pet cat as it can itself release the food for the cat at the required time. No one is needed to trigger the machine when once it is adjusted properly regarding the quantity, timing. It is a perfect way of providing the automatic feeding process to the cats.

automatic cat food dispenserControlled food for cats

The dispenser is able to provide the controlled food to the cats. Many of the pet cats are in habit of demanding and eating the food several times a day as they feel the cravings for the food after regular intervals of time. In this way they develop the habit of eating much more than other cats. The dispenser is able to provide the controlled food at the specified time of the day which is helpful for controlling the eating habits and the food quantity of the cats.

cat food

  • Cat obesity controller

The dispenser can effectively act as the cat food controller because the machine provides the prescribed quantity of food to the cat besides the severe demand of the cats. Over weight cats can therefore get the controlled diet and maintain their weight within the healthy range. It is therefore helpful in cat weight control as well as prevents the obesity factor in the cats.

Cat obesity controller

  • Scheduled feeding

One of the most effective benefits of the dispenser is the scheduled feeding for the cats. It is very hard to train the cat for the scheduled feeding as they are in habit of eating irregularly. However, with the help of cat food dispenser you can set the timings when the cat can get the food. It develops the habit of eating the food at the perfect times of the day and builds up scheduled meal timings for the cats.

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Reasons Behind Cat Decreased Appetite

If your cat is facing the issue of decreased appetite then you must attend this issue as soon as possible. Although, this type of issue can also occur with other type of pets but cat decreased appetite is more serious as cats biologically don’t have the tendency to stock enough protein that help the liver to make use of all the fats stored in the body. If the liver doesn’t get required amount of protein then it gets burdened by the fats and can result in organic failure. In order to protect your cat from this life threatening condition, you must monitor the symptoms and rush your pet to the reliable veterinary doctor as soon as you can.

Cat Decreased Appetite


There are various reasons behind the feline anorexia, some of them are mentioned below:

  • If you are making some yummy food items for your cat and still she is not showing any interest towards those food items then the highest chance is that your cat is ill. You need to pay immediate attention to bodily reactions of your cat. Is she facing any sort of discomfort or pain? Is she having the issue of heartburn? Or anything else? If a cat stops eating then she might be suffering from any type of infection, kidney related issues, intestinal pain/ infection, or even cancer. Although it seems scary but you don’t need to be panic right from the start as having simple throat pain or toothache can also result in decreased appetite.
  • If you have kids then you might be familiar with this type of situation. Most of the mothers complain that their kids stop eating or get disturbed due to travel or change of bed, etc. Same is the condition with cats as cats do inherit some of the human traits from their masters. If you have gone on a travel in the recent days or you have shifted your house and your cat is suffering from anorexia then both of the situations might be interlinked with each other. It is possible that your cat might have lost her appetite due to the travel or change of house; again you need to monitor the symptoms very closely.
  • Temporary anorexia can also be caused due to the after effects of vaccination. If your cat has recently received a shot of vaccination then the chances are that its anorexia might be linked to that vaccine. Most of the cats suffer from anorexia due to vaccination but you must keep in mind that this loss of appetite is temporary and remains mostly for two or three days.
  • Yup! Your cat can also lose its appetite due to the depression. Depression doesn’t only affect humans but it also affects animals with same pressure by making them sick. Cats are a very easy victim for depression as they instantly get disturb due to the change in their environment. So, trying to cheer up your cat might help her regain her hunger.

Bringing home a cat is a very easy task but understanding the bodily desires of that cat and helping her lead a healthy life is a task that requires constant hard work and commitment.

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