Yummy reptile foods for your slithery pet

Reptiles are known to be the most fun and amazing creatures on the earth. After hearing the word reptile, most of the people would respond with “ewwww” or “yukh” but the fact is that these amazing creatures have been creating their own universe on this planet since the start of life. In order to study them you need to keep them inside your room and in the entire duration you need to take care of every need of these reptiles. Feeding reptiles is the primary responsibility of the person keeping a reptile pet so you need to possess some information about the type of reptile foods that are suitable for your reptiles.

Importance of reptile food for the reptiles:

Reptile food plays an important role in the health and active life of a reptile. If you want to keep your reptile healthy then you need to feed your reptile with a balanced reptile diet. But before going for the reptile diet you must keep in mind that reptile diet varies according to the size and categories of the reptiles.

  • Small-sized carnivorous reptiles

Those reptiles that are smaller in size and are carnivorous like lizards tend to show a great interest in eating insects. These insects are a great source of vitamins and calcium for the small sized reptiles.

  • Large-sized carnivorous reptiles

Those reptiles that are included in the group of large-sized reptiles tend to show great interest in eating rodents. These reptiles include snakes or different types of lizards such as monitor lizards.

Famous food items for reptiles:

Some of the reptile famous food items are mentioned below:

  • Crickets

If your reptile is a small-sized herp then crickets are going to make an excellent diet for it. You might be confused about from where can you get crickets. Well you don’t need to set cricket traps in your garden because you can easily get these crickets from reptile food stores. House crickets are the most famous type of diet for these reptiles. These crickets can also be purchased from various online stores. Most of the reptile feed stores are going to offer you large discounts if you purchase the crickets in bulk.


You can store the crickets in buckets or old large-sized cans, it is important to store these crickets at the temperature of 75 degree Fahrenheit at the minimum.

  • Mealworms

Mealworms also prove to be a great feed for insect-eating reptiles. Mealworms are going to increase the weight of your reptile as they are much more nutritious than a cricket. If you want to purchase them at low rates then its best to purchase them in bulks. Keeping Mealworms for long time is not an issue as you just have to store them in a five-gallon bucket.


  • Silk Moth Larvae

Known as silkworms, these worms tend to prove a perfect diet for your reptile. Silkworms are provided non-toxic diet during their raising period so they are known as a safe diet for your reptile. These are usually available at pet expos or online stores.

reptile foods

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Best snake supplies to keep your snake’s mood pleasant

Keeping snakes at home seems like the creepiest idea ever, but the fact is that snakes are the most amazing creatures on the earth. Most of the people tend to keep snakes at their homes or in their offices in order to study the mysterious nature of these slithery creatures. The amazing and shocking facts about snakes that they don’t possess eyelids, they are not able to bite, can swallow large-sized prey within few minutes due to flexibility of their jaws tend to attract thousands of people towards them. If you are keeping a snake at your place then you definitely need to get hold of some high quality snake supplies in order to keep your snake comfortable.

How to get hold of snake supplies?

If you are having problems searching for high quality snake supplies for your beloved snake then there are two options for you from where you can get snakes supplies of good quality. First is to go for the local pet or reptile shop. Reptile shops also contain various accessories for reptile breeding in your house. If the local reptile shop is not able to satisfy you then search for an online store for all the reptile accessories that you need.

Online stores are much better in comparison to the local shops because the quality is much better and prices are comparatively low. If you purchase the items in bulk form then you are also going to receive various discounts from the online stores.

Necessary snake supplies:

Some of the snake supplies that are necessary for keeping snakes comfortable at home are mentioned below:

  • Enclosures or cages

Finding a personalized space for your snake at your home is the biggest task as snakes need to be kept in a cage or somewhere locked up; otherwise you know anything can happen. So, if you are planning on keeping a snake then you need to get a perfect cage or enclosure for it. If you are getting the snake in order to study its breeding strategies then you can go for glass or screen cages. These sorts of cages are ideal as you can easily see each and every movement of the snake. If you want to provide your snake with natural environment then you can also get one of the glass terrariums that are available with natural furnishings.

glass terrariums

  • Heat bulbs

Keep this in mind that after getting a perfect enclosure for your snake, you need to keep it cozy and warm for it. Whether it’s daytime or night time, snakes like to remain warm so you need to install heat bulbs for snakes inside the enclosure. Different types of heat bulbs are available including daytime heat producing bulbs and night time heat producing bulbs.

heat bulbs for snakes

  • Thermometers/thermostats

You can’t always sit by your reptile’s enclosure monitoring the temperature and lighting of the enclosure that’s why you need to install a thermometer or a thermostat inside the reptile’s cage. Digitalized thermostats are also available at the online stores that possess the self ability to control and monitor the internal temperature of the enclosure.

snake supplies

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Should I Smooch My Pooch ?

It is a fact that the people who own a pooch or other dog breeds love them and kissing them is not a thing to worry for them because they don’t bother thinking about the health issues that can be caused by kissing a dog. When a dog owner kisses his/her dog, the dog replies by licking the face which is harmful for the human being. Given below are a few bad things that can happen to a dog owner for kissing a dog and here is the answer of should I smooch my pooch?

Kissing can cause periodontitis:

The mouth of both a human being and dog has bacteria, it is transferred when a person kisses a dog and the dog licks his/her owner’s mouth with the tongue. It is obvious that the mouth of a dog is not clean and kissing can cause serious issues for the dog owner including a health issue with the name of Periodontitis which is a gum disease in human beings.


Parasites can be transferred:

The body of a dog has many different types of parasites and kissing them can transfer it to the human body which is harmful. Transferring of any sort of parasite can make a person ill and sometimes, the sickness is long-lasting.

Parasites when kissing your dog

Infection can react:

When a dog catches any infection, there are chances that the owner is not aware of it in the start. Kissing a dog with an infection can end up making the dog owner seriously sick as there is a risk of infection transfer and infection can react to the human being differently. So, kissing a dog should be avoided to avoid getting sick.

dog kissing infection

Smooching can make a problem severe:

Bacteria found in the saliva of a dog with the name of Pasteurella can turn a wound or open sore health problem into a serious issue as the bacteria can cause infection. People who have acne issue should avoid getting the dog’s mouth or tongue near their face or any other part of the body with the wound.

Smooching can make a problem severe

The people who are already sick and are suffering from the severe health problems such as AIDS which reduces the immunity of the body should stay away from the pets as they are harmful for the ill individuals and can make their case severe.

kissing puppy

People love their pets and they smooch them to show the love, but there is not only a single way through which they can show their love. To avoid getting ill due to the infections and parasites that live on the pet’s body, another way of loving the pet can be adopted. The dogs eat from the trash bins outside the homes and they also visit the dirty places when set free for sometime by the pet owner from where they eat and where they play. So, they catch the infections which make it necessary for the pet owner to avoid kissing. Knowing all the above information will assist in deciding should you smooch your pooch?

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Know What Sleeping Dogs Feel You

Pets are the best companions of humans, they are better than human companions in many cases. Whether a person is single or whether is in a bad relationship, dogs can always be there for you. Some people have allergies from pets with hair on their body like dogs; they should not keep a pet in their bedroom or sleep with them for avoiding the health issues. Sleeping with a dog is good in many ways but it is bad as well. Sleeping with your dog, good or bad is something that everyone should know.


Here are some of the good things about sleeping with sleeping dogs:

  • Feeling safe

Dogs can make us feel safe when they are sleeping with us; they bring us feeling of safety and make us calm. If someone feels afraid at night, they best way to feel secured is to sleep with a pet dog. They also lessen the chance of theft when around.

dogs sleeping

  • Reduces anxiety

Dogs are known as the best remedy to release anxiety, for the people who have anxiety disorders sleeping with the dogs is a great option. They can make the humans calm, so sleeping with your dog and sharing the bed with them can help a lot in sleeping better.

sleeping with dogs

  • Provides warmness

Dogs give warmness, snuggling up with a dog in the cold weather is a good choice. The temperature of the body of a dog is three to six degrees higher than a human, sharing bed with them eliminates the need of blanket as they can give warmness to you. Pillow and blankets are warm and cozy but still they can’t compete with the warmness a dog can offer to the human.

dog sleep

  • Lessens insomnia

Dogs help us a lot in relaxing and they are highly recommended to the people who have insomnia, they can help humans sleep better. For people suffering from the health problem known as insomnia, sleeping with the dog is the best remedy.

Lessens insomnia sleeping with dog

Some of the bad things that can be caused by sleeping with the dogs are:

  • Create disturbance

They can disturb your sleep as they walk, snooze and play at night. They do all the activities without knowing that others are sleeping. Sleeping with a dog can sometimes become dangerous as well because they can do a lot of activities at night that can be severely harmful.

a sleeping dog

  • Cause allergies

People who have allergies are strictly warned that they shouldn’t keep their pets in their bedrooms, they should have filter and should never let their dog sleep with them.

dog sleeping allergies

  • Poop

People should avoid sleeping with the dogs in a closed room as they can poop anywhere anytime which is health damaging and unhygienic. No matter if the pets are trained, they still do things which are totally unacceptable.

dog sleeping poop

Before you think to sleep with your dog, you must consider all the above mentioned things. Knowing all the pros and the cons, one can decide himself that is sleeping with your dog, good or bad?

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Dog Scared of Fireworks? Top 3 Home Remedies

Some pet dogs have no problem with the loud noises such as the noise of fireworks and some are even afraid of their sight. Dogs are afraid of these kinds of things usually because they are not used to it, days on which people celebrate events with fireworks are stressful for the dogs. For dogs, getting scared from loud noises is not a rare thing as the loud noises of fireworks trigger the nervous system of the dogs and this makes them afraid. The experience of hearing the noise of firework is different for dogs than hearing the usual loud sounds; fireworks are louder than anything else for them as they are closer to the ground. The sound of the fireworks is more vibrant and the sudden flashes are so heart wrenching for them.

Dog Scared of Fireworks

Dog scared of fireworks? 3 Effective Home Remedies are as follows:

  1. Communication

Communication is the most effective thing and the best home remedy. If you would be there with your dog at the timing of fireworks, then sending calm messages to the dog through communication would be very effective. It will help your dog in relaxing a lot and will be best for better bonding between the two. As human beings communicate with each other through words; dog also communicate but they communicate more through energy. The best example of this is that if you are less excited about the firework, then your dog will also be.

Communication with dog

  1. Medication

Some dogs get too much afraid easily; if your dog is also one of them, then the best thing you can do is to give them medicine that can calm down the dog. You can get the best one by consulting the doctor; the firework can make the dog anxious, so for calming the dog down you can also use thunder shirt. Different medicines are available for these purposes which can do a great job.

medicine to dog

  1. Preparation

The best thing that you can do as an effective home remedy is the preparation to place your dog somewhere that the dog can’t listen when it starts. Arrange some place where the dog is safe and where the sound won’t be that loud. You can also send your dog somewhere else, if you have an event at your place. If the place is new for your dog; start taking him/her few days before the event, so at the very day the place would not be new for the dog.

dog fireworks

One should always take care of their pets because not only dogs; but most of the cats also do not like loud noises, firework and voices of thunderstorms. The celebrative nights of humans are sometimes a night of horror for them, so always make sure that when such night is there, your pets are comfortable.

You know what your dog is scared of, is your dog scared of fireworks? 3 effective home remedies are mentioned above which will prove great in making the dogs comfortable.

5 Killer Benefits Of Colostrum For Pets

Colostrum is the first milk of the mother; it is an important thing to keep the babies (animal) healthy. Colostrum contains a lot of properties that are best for the newborns; it helps in growing in the best way possible. It helps the body of the newborn in functioning perfectly as it helps in the cell division and cell survival as well. It is a special nutritive supplement that can be fed 1 cap twice in a day regularly until the little one grows up. Colostrum is actually known to be a supplement that has real health benefits for the newborns.

Colostrum has much heath benefit for your little pets, the 5 proven benefits of colostrum for dogs and cats are as follows:

  • Colostrum is anti-inflammatory medication

It is best for treating gastrointestinal disorders that are caused in the young ones; it is also best for fighting against the intestinal damage. It is a perfect solution for all types of gastric problems. If any gastric problem arise; feeding the pet with one capsule daily would be best, you can also give it to your little dog or cat twice a day.

  • Protect from inflammatory bowel disease

Colostrum is very healthy for the young cats and dogs as it can treat many diseases, one of them is inflammatory bowel disease that can be cured by it.

  • Best for the immune system

Colostrum is excellent for the immune system of the animals, it is used as a nutraceutical treatment for the young ones and even it can be used for the animals of all ages. It can help in preventing from all types of infections and diseases as well, it can prevent from fungus and bacteria also. It is amazing solution for healing the wounds.

  • Helps in weight loss

It can help in weight loss as well as it has been proved that it can assist in lessening the mass gains. It increases the metabolism rate, helps in repairing the cells, blood circulation and breathing. It is best if you combine colostrums with protein as it works faster after preparing a mixture.

  • Cure against allergies

Colostrum helps in decreasing the symptoms of allergies of in cats and dogs, the dosage of colostrum for cats and dogs both are different and the dosage depends on the company of the supplement also.

cute caty

It is best for the pet owners to feed their cat or dog in the powder form, the colostrum that comes from cow is the most beneficial one. Colostrum works as a miracle on the dogs and cats; either they have infective bacteria or any other allergy, feeding it is the best option you have for the cure. Colostrum contains 50 components and all of them are quite beneficial for the health of your little one. Colostrum is a supplement that is loaded with the best health benefits. Above are the 5 proven benefits of colostrum for dogs and cats.

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Dog Breeds That Shed the Most Hair

Owning a dog is one of the most amazing things in the world. Not only do you get to enjoy the companionship of a doggy buddy but you also get to analyze the unique habits and biological changes of a different creature. You will be amazed to see your dog shed hair. Some owners even feel irritated because due to shedding they have to clean after their dogs. Hair shedding is a natural process in dogs due to which the damaged hair is eliminated from the body and replaced by the healthy one. Excessive shedding of dog hair can be a source of allergy for the humans so it’s much better that you must not adopt from the dog breeds that shed the most hair, when you are searching for a pet.

Which dogs shed the most?

This question is commonly asked by many people thinking about dog adoptions. Below are mentioned the names of all those dogs that shed the most so you must not go for them if you have allergy issues or you are not able to clean after then on a regular basis.

  • Golden Retriever

A Golden Retrievers make the most amazing pets due to their loyal and caring nature but at the same time, they shed a lot. They tend to shed moderate amount of hair in the normal routine but the seasonal shedding is quite heavy.

dog breeds that shed the most hair

  • Bracco Italiano

These Italian dogs also tend to shed a lot. You might feel amazed to learn this because Bracco is more of a hunting dog and doesn’t carry that much amount of hair on its body but still it sheds hair on regular basis.

Bracco Italiano

  • French Spaniel

A beautiful breed of dogs’ originated from France, French spaniel also tend to shed a lot. French Spaniels are basically an amazing blend of a setter and a spaniel.

French Spaniel

  • Pont-Audemer Spaniel

Easy-to-train hunting dogs; Pont-Audemer Spaniel basically belongs to the region of Pont-Audemer in France. These dogs also tend to shed on regular basis and are quite adorable.

Pont-Audemer Spaniel

  • English Shepherd

Not only are the English shepherds known to be extremely talented dogs, but they also very loving creatures. Due to their highly intelligent nature, they are very easy-to-train. They also tend to shed on regular basis but still most of the people love to adopt them due to their amazing abilities. These dogs are also great participants in pet shows and dog competitions.

English Shepherd

  • Swedish Lapphund

Originated from northern regions of Sweden, Swedish Lapphund is most famous due to its herd-controlling abilities. This dog is also bred in some parts of Finland and Norway and is very famous due to its leadership qualities. The only thing different about Swedish Lapphund is that it’s not used to control cows or sheep but it’s used by its masters to control the herd of Reindeer.

Swedish Lapphund

  • Pug

Yup! These naughty but cute doggies are also included in the list of dogs that shed the most. These dogs are very famous among men or bachelors due to their manly habits but they tend to shed hair on regular basis.


Although all of the above mentioned dog breeds tend to possess some of the amazing qualities but while going for their adoption you must keep in mind about their excessive hair shedding issue.

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Top 8 Dog Breeds That Shed the Least

While settling upon a dog for adoption, every person wants to go for the dog that sheds less amount of hair. Although the dog breeds that shed heavy amount of hair also possess tremendous qualities but the biggest issue is that most of the people don’t have the enough time to clean after such dogs. If you have enough space in your house and you got help to take care of such dogs then you can go after the breed with heavy shedding but if not then you must make your selection from dog breeds that shed the least.

Which dog breeds shed the least hair?

  • Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier is one of the most amazing dog breeds as they are highly active and fun loving dogs. Not only are they fun loving but they also love to work hard and fall into adventure all the time. The outer coat of Airedale Terrier is wiry while they also possess an undercoat which needs to be brushed after every few days.

Airedale Terrier

  • Portuguese Water Dog

Highly energetic, these dogs love to spend their time in water and while playing with their masters. Due to the fact that Portuguese Water Dogs shed little amount of hair, constant attention must be paid to the grooming of their coats.

Portuguese Water Dog

  • Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

This breed of dogs contains extremely beautiful coats. Playful and fun loving, the Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers proudly bear four different types of coats including:

  • English
  • American
  • Irish (traditional)
  • Heavy Irish

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

  • Bullmastiff

This breed contains high-level energy and strong manly abilities. Bullmastiffs are mostly preferred by the game masters to accompany them in their routine professional activities. Due to their friendly and co-operative behavior, most of the families love to adopt Bullmastiff. As they shed minimal amount of hair so their coat needs constant grooming.

dog breeds that shed the least

  • Bichon Frise

Your heart will start melting as you set your first gaze on this little fluffy, snowball. Love to rest in their master’s lap, Bichons are a bunch of cuteness and sweetness blended together. Housewives, old ladies, young girls and little boys love to keep them as pets. Due to the fact that their coat is very thick and sheds very little each year, Bichons need constant combing and grooming.

dog breeds that shed the least

  • Brussels Griffon

Brussels usually contain tow different types of coats. Some of them contain smooth coats while the other contains rough coats. Brussels with soft coat usually shed hair twice every year while the Brussels with rough coat don’t shed any hair other than when you are combing their coat.

Brussels Griffon

  • Papillon

Papillons are known to be one of the cutest dog breeds due to their winged ears. With their adorable looks, friendly nature and playfulness, Papillons are known to be the most desired breed on earth. Their silky coats shed in a very little amount when they are groomed.


  • Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesians are amazing dogs with extra-ordinary hunting qualities. They have very little amount of hair on their back that’s why the grooming requirement for these dogs is very low.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

The above mentioned breeds are the most demanded dog breeds by the people looking for dog adoptions.

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Top 10 Best Guard Dogs In The World

Keeping a guard dog is one of the best moves against the insecurity of today’s world. If any intruder tries to enter your house then your guard dog will instantly alert you. Some of the guard dogs are even trained to alert the police if anything happens to their home or their master. Guard dogs are also trained to protect their master’s life.  If you are thinking about keeping a guard dog at your house then definitely you might be searching for the best guard dog to adopt. Below is mentioned a list of the 10 best guard dogs in the world that are going to be perfect for you.

  1. Giant Schnauzer

They do look adorable due to their long and lustrous hair locks but in fact they are quite terrifying when it comes to guarding their masters. The bark and bite of a Giant Schnauzer is very destructive. These dogs are over-protective and over-possessive about their masters.

best guard dogs in the world

  1. Akita

Akita’s are very loyal and very loving towards their owners. Due to the high level of intelligence, they can easily sense the danger even if it is many miles away. They don’t like any stranger to go near their masters, so it’s best to find a company for your Akita if you want to lead a normal life.


  1. German Shepherd

Very loyal towards their home, German Shepherds are basically herd-controlling dogs. Not only do they protect the herd of sheep or cows from any danger but they also keep track of the cows or sheep wandering away from the herd.

German Shepherd

  1. Chow Chow

With their blood-thirsty eyes and terrifying personality, Chow Chows possess the reputation of a very serious guard dogs. Chow Chow’s have the history of being the proud guards of Asian palaces due to which they remain high in demand as guard dogs.

Chow Chow

  1. Kuvasz

They are very sweet and friendly unless somebody crosses their boundaries. Bearing the fame of successful herd-controller, Kuvasz dogs tend to show great loyalty towards their home.


  1. Chinese Shar-Pei

Due to its cute wrinkly appearance you might get the idea that a Shar-Pei is a harmless dog but beware because the truth is totally the opposite. People with extensive property of vast area of lands love to get these dogs as their guard dogs. These dogs are bred to guard the area by running around the property and keeping a close eye on anything suspicious.

Chinese Shar-Pei

  1. Doberman Pinscher

The reputation of this dog is so horrifying that any thought of invading the Doberman’s property never ever crosses the mind of any sane human being.

Doberman Pinscher

  1. Komondor

This dog bears a very serious attitude and remains reserve towards the strangers. Famous for its hairy appearance, Komondor dogs are naturally bred to protect the herds but they also do a great job in protecting the homes.


  1. Rottweiler

Born to lead, Rottweilers are by nature extremely cool and dedicated dogs. Although these dogs are herd-controlling dogs, but due to their high level commitment towards their masters, they are also perfect guard dogs for the families.


  1. Bullmastiff

Highly intelligent, loving, and friendly; Bullmastiff dogs make perfect guard dogs and companions for their masters. A Bullmastiff, due to its high intelligence can also do the tracking and therapy for its master.


The above mentioned dog breeds are very much high in demand, if you are suffering from security issues then getting any one of them would be a great idea for you.

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Top 8 Impartial Facts To Know About PitBulls

Pitbull puppies are very famous when it comes to their protective nature. Not only are they protective of their families but they also possess the history of being the most protective herd-dogs ever. Not many years ago, Pit Bulls were used as guard dogs on the farms or for the protection of herds but now the conditions have changed as Pit Bulls can only be seen inside the houses. If you are searching for a dog with high potential, extreme intelligence, and hunting qualities then Pit Bulls are going to be perfect for you. If you are still having any doubts then these 8 unbiased facts to know about pitbulls are going to help you reach a final decision.

The unbiased facts about pit bulls

  • Highly talented and highly intelligent

Training pitbull puppies is not a difficult task due to its highly intelligent and active skills. A Pit Bull can easily perform:

  • Carting
  • Hunting
  • Tracking
  • Pulling weight
  • Agility and
  • Command following

facts to know about pitbulls

  • Costly insurance

Beware! The medical insurance costs of a Pit Bull Terrier are really very high. Recently the medical insurance costs for American Pit Bull have been ranked at the highest position of number 19.

  • Less grooming

This fact is really going to please you. A Pit Bull Terrier due to its really short hair requires very less grooming. There is no need for regular combing or bathing, you can easily bath and comb it once or twice a month. Even the trimming requirements for Pit Bulls are very less.

  • Highly responsive

You might have read above that a Pit Bull Terrier is highly intelligent so this is the reason that they are highly responsive towards the training they receive. If you possess a Pit Bull then you might find it really easy to train your doggy.

  • They don’t like to be confined

Pit Bulls are highly active, so confining them to a limited space is not possible. If you live in an apartment then its best to not to get a Pit Bull but if you live inside a house with a backyard space, then Pit Bull is best for you.

  • Low price

This fact is really going to amaze you. Despite the fact that medical insurance costs of Pit Bulls are quite high, their original sale value is quite low. Pits Bulls are more affordable than any other breed of dogs. A Pit Bull puppy is available at the nominal price of 600$. Due to such low price, Pit Bulls remain very much in demand.

  • Unfriendly nature

Although Pit Bulls are quite friendly towards humans but they are extremely unfriendly towards fellow animals. If you want a Pit Bull to associate with other animals then you need to make it socialize when it’s still a puppy.

  • They love to be hot

Pit Bulls love to survive in heated climatic conditions but if you live in cold area then adopting a Pit Bull is not a good idea.

The above mentioned unbiased facts about a Pit Bull are going to provide you with a detailed knowledge about the unknown habits of this terrific dog.

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