Top 8 Impartial Facts To Know About PitBulls

Pitbull puppies are very famous when it comes to their protective nature. Not only are they protective of their families but they also possess the history of being the most protective herd-dogs ever. Not many years ago, Pit Bulls were used as guard dogs on the farms or for the protection of herds but now the conditions have changed as Pit Bulls can only be seen inside the houses. If you are searching for a dog with high potential, extreme intelligence, and hunting qualities then Pit Bulls are going to be perfect for you. If you are still having any doubts then these 8 unbiased facts to know about pitbulls are going to help you reach a final decision.

The unbiased facts about pit bulls

  • Highly talented and highly intelligent

Training pitbull puppies is not a difficult task due to its highly intelligent and active skills. A Pit Bull can easily perform:

  • Carting
  • Hunting
  • Tracking
  • Pulling weight
  • Agility and
  • Command following

facts to know about pitbulls

  • Costly insurance

Beware! The medical insurance costs of a Pit Bull Terrier are really very high. Recently the medical insurance costs for American Pit Bull have been ranked at the highest position of number 19.

  • Less grooming

This fact is really going to please you. A Pit Bull Terrier due to its really short hair requires very less grooming. There is no need for regular combing or bathing, you can easily bath and comb it once or twice a month. Even the trimming requirements for Pit Bulls are very less.

  • Highly responsive

You might have read above that a Pit Bull Terrier is highly intelligent so this is the reason that they are highly responsive towards the training they receive. If you possess a Pit Bull then you might find it really easy to train your doggy.

  • They don’t like to be confined

Pit Bulls are highly active, so confining them to a limited space is not possible. If you live in an apartment then its best to not to get a Pit Bull but if you live inside a house with a backyard space, then Pit Bull is best for you.

  • Low price

This fact is really going to amaze you. Despite the fact that medical insurance costs of Pit Bulls are quite high, their original sale value is quite low. Pits Bulls are more affordable than any other breed of dogs. A Pit Bull puppy is available at the nominal price of 600$. Due to such low price, Pit Bulls remain very much in demand.

  • Unfriendly nature

Although Pit Bulls are quite friendly towards humans but they are extremely unfriendly towards fellow animals. If you want a Pit Bull to associate with other animals then you need to make it socialize when it’s still a puppy.

  • They love to be hot

Pit Bulls love to survive in heated climatic conditions but if you live in cold area then adopting a Pit Bull is not a good idea.

The above mentioned unbiased facts about a Pit Bull are going to provide you with a detailed knowledge about the unknown habits of this terrific dog.


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