Longest Living Dog Breeds List

If we start analyzing the different features of dogs, then we will realize that dogs are really very astounding creatures. Every feature of these creatures is going to make you go “WOW”. Let’s take a look at longest living dog breeds list; you are definitely going to have a hard time believing the long ages of these dogs.

  1. Chihuahua

Although a Chihuahua might be extremely small but it’s also known to be one of the longest surviving dogs. If you have adopted a Chihuahua then you will get to enjoy his companionship till 15-20 years. The oldest surviving Chihuahua died at the age of 20 years.

longest living dog breeds list

  1. Yorkshire Terrier

Another smallest dog breed, Yorkshire Terriers mainly survive till the age of 17 to 20 years. Yorkshire Terriers are among the most favorite breeds due to their cute, peeky looks.

Yorkshire Terrier

  1. Pomeranian

Surviving till the age of 16 years, these little fluffs are really the most adorable things on earth. They are also very active and friendly dogs.


  1. Dachshund

This dog breed is mostly loved by stylish and fashionable celebrities. Surviving till the age of 15 years, the Dachshunds are really amazing creatures. The longest surviving Dachshund, Chanel celebrated its 21st birthday.


  1. Toy Poodle

These dogs are very friendly and intelligent due to which training them is just a piece of cake. Due to their cute and delicate looks, Toy Poodles are very famous among young girls and house wives. Toy poodles usually live till the age of 15 years to provide a memorable companionship to their masters.

Toy Poodle

  1. Maltese

With the average age of almost 15 years, Maltese are a very unique sort of breed. Originating from the island of Malta, Maltese look just like small piece of clouds.


  1. Lhasa Apso

Possessing the life span of almost 15 years, these dogs are also very small in stature. Apsos were usually known as watch dogs associated with Buddhist Temples.

Lhasa Apso

  1. Pug

An extremely famous breed of dogs, Pugs possess the life span of around 15 years. Not only do they last longer but they also maintain their youth throughout their lifetime. Pugs basically originated in China.


  1. Beagle

Beagles are very famous among kids due to their loving and playful nature. Beagles are also known to be the longest living dogs on earth due to the fact that longest living beagle lived till the age of 27. The average life expectancy of Beagle is around 15 years.


  1. Miniature Schnauzer

Extremely energetic and amazing breed of dogs, Miniature Schnauzers live till the age of 15 years. These dogs love to take part in sports due to their energetic physique.

Miniature Schnauzer

  1. Coton De Tulear

These fluffy white dogs also live till the age of 16 years. With the average life span of almost 15 years, these dogs are also among the most favorite list of the kids due to their adorable looks.

Coton De Tulear

  1. Scottish Collie

An extremely friendly and a darling dog, Scottish Collie usually survives till the age of 15 years but if its leading a healthy life then it can also survive till the age of 16 years.

Scottish Collie

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