9 Most Talented Dog Breeds In The World

Everybody loves to get a dog that is easy-to-train but not every dog is talented enough to learn in easy way. If you want to adopt a dog then definitely you might be searching for the dog breeds that are extremely talented. Before moving on, you must understand that every dog breed possesses different types of talents and not every dog breed is equally talented like the other talented dog breed. Below mentioned list of the most talented dog breeds in the world is going to help you make your decision about adopting a talented dog.

  • Berger Picard

The dogs of this breed are extremely active, intelligent, playful, friendly, and caring. Masters usually train this dog for guarding or defense purposes. This dog also possesses the qualities for herding, rescue and tracking.

Berger Picard

  • Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Most loved by the families, Entlebucher is a very talented dog possessing the qualities of herding, tracking and weight pulling. This dog is also extremely friendly and over-protective of his masters.

Entlebucher Mountain Dog

  • Dutch Shepherd Dog

Although the size of these dogs is very large and the common thought is that, large dogs are not very talented but in the case of Dutch Shepherd Dog, the entire scenario is totally the opposite. These dogs are really caring and friendly towards their family. These dogs also love to do hunting, searching, and weight pulling. Most of the times, these dogs are used for the purpose of rescue.

Dutch Shepherd Dog

  • Wirehaired Vizsla

This cute little doggy plays the role of most loved friend of many humans. Due to its friendly and loyal personality, humans love to adopt a Wirehaired Vizsla. This dog possesses the hunting, tracking and retrieving powers.

Wirehaired Vizsla

  • Lagotto Romagnolo

Extremely cheerful and energetic, a Romagnolo truly creates music in the house. Not only are these dogs active but they also possess loyal nature and tend to show a caring behavior towards their masters. These dogs reveal their true talented side while performing the defensive activities, police job, jogging or following a master’s command.

most talented dog breeds in the world

  • Leonberger

Leonberger possesses the talents to display an obedient behavior towards its masters. Other than that, a Leonberger is an extremely intelligent, active, and highly responsive dog. Not only  it participates in defensive activities but it also shows excellent performance in herding, sledding and carting.


  • Weimaraner

Highly alert and energetic, these dogs are mainly trained for the hunting and defensive activities. Most of these are included in rescue squads.


  • Standard Schnauzer

A standard Schnauzer is loved mainly due to its playful, free, loyal and loving nature. Possessing the defensive powers, this little dog shows active participation in hunting and military jobs.

Standard Schnauzer

  • Rottweiler

Due to the confident and ruthless nature, Rottweilers are usually engaged in police work or hunting jobs. The great thing about Rottweilers is that although they possess a brutal nature but when they are with their family, they are the most tender-hearted creatures on earth.


They are very easy-to-train due to their high level intelligence. They show a very loving behavior towards the kids.

 Source: http://smartfamilypets.com/

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